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Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful things a woman can experience, and sometimes it comes with a little sacrifice. We sacrifice our body for our bundle of joy, but this should not keep us from staying healthy and getting our body (and abs) back! When I had my first child I realized being active and healthy during my pregnancy was extremely important, but I failed to do so.

I learned my lesson, educated myself, and worked hard to stay in shape during my second pregnancy and postpartum. Now that a few years have passed, I am a mom of two, going to school to get my master’s degree in Kinesiology Sports Management, and am a full time personal trainer; but I still find the time to get in great workouts, stay in shape, and actually have abs! I know you can do the same too, no matter the unique challenges you face!

At the end of this post I share the 4 great core exercises I did during pregnancy to help keep my core strong.

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The key to being active and staying healthy in the midst of challenge is to first fully understand the obstacles you will face. Going into my second pregnancy, I knew it would be hard for me to get in shape and that there would be times where felt tired and exhausted. But because I knew what I was up against, I was able to research my options and plan my workouts around these obstacles. When things get tough it’s much easier to stick to a plan that you’ve already made, rather than trying to make commitments and decisions when you’re under pressure and stress. Get the planning out of the way first, so that all you have to do later is follow through!

What are your obstacles? Is it a busy or inconsistent schedule? Do you feel tired and drained after work? Are you unsure of what to do in the gym, or not motivated to come in the first place? We all have our own unique challenges, and that’s okay! From my own experience of getting my abs back after pregnancy, as well as working with a wide range of clients as a personal trainer, I’m confident that everyone – yes everyone (including you!) can do something right now to start the journey to achieving your goals. Whether you want to look & feel better, lose weight, gain muscle & strength, lift up your mental health, or become healthy enough to freely do the things you love, the right fitness and nutrition program can absolutely be a powerful influence in taking control of your life!

So now what? Let’s get things rolling! I’ll show you how I worked through one of my problems, & I hope you can do the same. If not, come on in to the gym and let us help you work out your obstacles and see how we can help you have your best workouts!

After I had my son I found myself overweight and realized I could no longer eat whatever I wanted; I was putting myself at risk for chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. I knew I had to exercise, make lifestyle changes, and form better habits. And as if that wasn’t enough, pregnancy can also lead to diastasis recti – a huge challenge to overcome if I wanted to get abs after my baby!

 This is condition that can happen during pregnancy from a growing uterus pressing against the abdominal muscles, causing them to separate and lose their shape. Factors such as poor core strength, multiple pregnancies, and women over the age of 35 increase the chance of getting diastasis recti. Thankfully this opening shrinks down over a period of time, but may take over a year depending on the individual’s core strength and activity level. This is one reason why women might find it hard to get their core strength back once they have a child. Still, my goal was to have abs after pregnancy!

One way to decrease the chances of getting diastasis recti and get abs postpartum is to perform safe core workouts during pregnancy and continuing those exercises after. There are a lot of excellent core exercises, but while pregnant a growing mother should be very careful to only perform exercises that are safe and effective. Specific exercises we want to avoid are traditional, oblique, ball sit-ups, bicycles, even abdominal machines. These exercises can also increase the chance of getting diastasis recti or make it worse!

*Always consult your physician before beginning an exercise program.

Here are four core exercises that worked great for me during each trimester of my second pregnancy:

Kneeling Knee Reach

Standing Side Crunch

Bird Dog

Side Plank

It is very important for everyone to be active and healthy and this includes pregnant women! As a personal trainer and a mother two I am here to tell you, yes you can get ABS AFTER BABY and yes you can overcome your obstacles, I did!So ask how we can help you stay in shape and take control of your life once and for all!

Take the First Step. Let’s Achieve Your Goals!

With the abundance of workout programs online, it is easy to get confused trying to choose the ideal program for YOU and your needs. Depending on the desired goal in mind, we can narrow down the scope of programs. Today, I’m going to give a little insight on program design for anyone who is an athlete looking to increase their strength, balance, and functionality both in-season and off-season to majorly step up YOUR game.

Here’s what we’ll be discussing today:

  • 1. Why you shouldn’t be following bodybuilding programs if you’re an athlete
  • 2. How training changes in-season
  • 3. How does this translate to my performance on the field?

I Play Football and Today I’m Hitting Arms

For anyone who’s ever played football, you know hitting biceps with the bros isn’t going to help you score touchdowns.It’s the heavy compound movements like Squats, Cleans, and Multi-jointed presses coupled with sprints, footwork training, and other explosive movements that will give you the competitive advantage for your sport. The problem with isolation movements such as bicep curls and leg extensions is that these movements are never replicated on the field/court.

While playing sports, you work in all three planes of movement – frontal, sagittal, and transverse. However, most exercises we find in the gym are performed only in the sagittal plane. The frontal plane (side to side) and the transverse plane (rotation) need to be trained just as much, if not more, than the sagittal plane (front to back). This is because in most sports we’re running side to side, twisting, using one arm or one leg predominantly, etc. For these reasons, it’s very important to choose our exercises wisely in the gym if we’re trying to improve our athletic performance.

The staple exercises would be the ones I mentioned above, and some accessory exercises would include the Split Squat, Kettle Bell Swing, 1 arm Dumbbell Press (Chest and Over-head), Man Makers, Barbell Bear Complex, Sledgehammer w/tire, Tire Flips, Side Step Ups, Lunge w/ twist, etc. There are many more to add to your regime depending on your sport/strength level as well as your particular weaknesses.

Here’s some examples of exercises in all three planes that you can start incorporating into your next workout:

Split Squats (sagittal plane)


Renegade Rows (Sagittal + some transverse)


Bear Complex (sagittal)

Check Out Matthew’s Video on the Bear Complex!

Pushup to Tire Flip


Side Step-Up Lunges (frontal)


Jump Step Ups (Sagittal)


Oblique Ball Toss (transverse)


One Arm Overhead Lunge (sagittal and frontal)


One Arm Kettlebell Swings (sagittal and transverse)


Practice Kills Me, I Can’t Keep Training Like This!

You’re not supposed to keep training like this! Training is strictly supplementary to your sport while in-season and should not be something that ends up decreasing your athletic performance. Most athletes will have a rigorous off-season training regime that will increase their strength and performance, followed by a tapered training regime that is very sport specific and meant for maintenance.

If an athlete tries to continually increase strength throughout the season, a few things can happen. First, this could lead to injury🤕 which would obviously impair the ability to perform at his/her sport to the highest level. Second, your training during the off-season is most likely not paired with anything else. This means once you add on team practice to it, you are simply failing to account that your body can’t take this added exertion.

Lastly, focus on your sport above all else! Put the decreased amount hours in the gym to the best use by focusing on movements you really need. So for example; even if your bench isn’t quite what you hoped it was when you started lacrosse season, now you need to shift your focus and put more time into keeping your shoulders healthy and mobilized with low weight, functional movements. As an athlete, you win by because you’re the best at your sport – raw strength needs to be balanced with functional performance and skill.

Why Does This Matter?

Just to hammer🔨 the concept into your mind again, the movements used in your particular sport are going to be improved in the gym only IF you replicate these movements in the gym. There’s a reason baseball players are told to train their legs, back, and core; it’s because that’s what they use on the field! A baseball won’t be hit any further if you train your biceps, but if you train your back and core in fast, heavy, rotational movements, that ball will fly every time.⚾️⚾️⚾️

In order to optimize our athletic performance, we need to perform movements in the gym that are mimicking what what we do on the field/court. We also need to understand that increasing our strength in certain movements shouldn’t take up more focus than staying in the game injury-free. Your isolated Bi’s&Tri’s workout may give you a glorious arm pump, but raising the 1st place trophy over your head gives you a glory that lasts much longer.🏆


Pro-tip: Want to know what you can have in common with all the top professional athletes in football, baseball, basketball, or any other sport? Work with a personal trainer! Every single professional athlete works with a personal trainer to bring out the most in their athletic capability. Are you ready to take your game to the next level?

Let’s cut to the chase: for sustainable weight loss, diets simply do not work! Fad diets such as the South Beach, Atkins, or even the newer trend of intermittent fasting promise rapid weight loss, and as tempting as they may sound, are actually more harmful than you think.

Have you ever tried an intense and restrictive diet — and successfully hit your weight loss goals? If so, you’re familiar with the inevitable weight re-gain that typically occurs when you go back to your normal eating habits. Not only do you gain weight back, but you may even end up weighing more than before. After the weight regain occurs, intense feelings of guilt, shame, and low self-esteem can arise, which eventually will lead to another attempt at a diet. This repetitive unhealthy cycle is called yo-yo dieting.

The effects of yo-yo dieting can hurt us both physically and mentally, and can slow down the process of maintainable, healthy weight loss. Yo-yo dieting can also mess with your metabolism, which can make it that much harder to shed pounds at the beginning of your next diet plan. So if dieting isn’t the magical answer to healthy and sustainable weight loss, what is? No, it isn’t magical unicorn fat burning fairy dust! It’s a practice called intuitive eating.

What is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive eating is a non-diet approach to building a healthy relationship with food. Get rid of the mentality that there are good and bad foods; get rid of the diet mentality! There are simply certain foods that are more nutritious for our health — and foods that aren’t as nutrient-dense.

Accepting this concept is a very important component for weight loss. Guilt-driven behaviors, like labeling food as “bad”, can lead to binge eating, feelings of shamefulness and negativity, or other self-destructive behavior. Understanding the importance of giving our body the nutrients it needs is necessary for weight loss success. Having a piece of chocolate cake while trying to lose weight won’t completely throw you off your plan; don’t let it discourage you or make you give up. Simply acknowledge what it is you are putting into your body, enjoy it, and be ready to work that much harder the very next day.

Another main principle of intuitive eating is becoming more aware of what your body is telling you. Get to learn your body’s hunger and fullness cues. Eating intuitively means eating only when you are truly hungry and stopping when you feel satisfied. All of us are guilty of eating out of boredom, sadness, or otherwise. All of us have overindulged. Beginning to acknowledge your body signals and eating only when you really need to will, over time, help you curb your emotional eating habits. Taking the first steps to listening to your body and becoming more aware of what you’re putting into your body is essential to weight loss.

Iron Orr Fitness can help you get rid of the diet mentality and create a sustainable, non-restrictive nutrition plan that will allow you to enjoy life while still losing weight. Life is meant to be enjoyed and diets are the furthest thing from fun! So, let’s make it fun! We can teach you how to transition from the diet mentality to intuitive eating, and more importantly, make it a life-long habit. We’re here to help you, so send us a text today and let’s start the process of intuitive eating!!!

Take the First Step. Let’s Achieve Your Goals!


If you don’t have a goal, it’s hard to be motivated to workout for your goals. If your goal isn’t specific (e.g. just general fitness), it will prove to be very difficult to have the motivation or knowledge of how to achieve the goal.

Have you ever struggled achieving your fitness goals, after spending hours, days and weeks at the gym? Have you ever been discouraged or distraught at the thought of slaving away at the gym — and virtually getting nowhere with your results? One main root of the problem of not seeing results in the gym is the actual lack of a tangible, realistic, and specific goal!

Unfortunately, I see many clients and gym goers frustrated from the root of a very similar problem: no tangible fitness goal. In this blog I will discuss three components of goal-oriented fitness and how to achieve the results you want to see!


  • 1. Set Your Goal
  • 2. Plan the Attack
  • 3. Have the Confidence to Follow Through

Set Your Goal

The first component is simply setting a real goal. If you don’t have an achievable fitness goal, it will be extremely difficult to be motivated to see results. Going into the gym day after day spending hours on the treadmill and various cardio machines (while very respectable to the effort it requires to get your butt up and going to the gym) isn’t going to ultimately get you those six pack abs you so desire. Doing heavy back squats to get better at playing basketball might help you jump higher, but won’t improve your overall game. Benching 300 lbs might give you a barrel chested look, but won’t make you more explosive. Doing sit ups 5 times a week might help you have a lean stomach but won’t help you hike Mt. San Gorgonio.

Mt. San Gorgonio, October ’17

It’s crucial to first set your goal because the types of workouts you should do will vary greatly depending on your goal! Training for endurance is much different than training for strength, or explosiveness. If you want to look great for your wedding coming up in a few months, that style of training is much different than wanting to be the best volleyball player on the court. Having a plan of attack, and then executing the plan, is a much more effective way of training than wandering in the gym and hoping you get an open bench or some dumbbells to do some curls!

Think for a second now and establish your fitness goal(s).

Got it? Fantastic!! Now that we have established some realistic, achievable goals, the first step is completed. The what is done. Now how do we get there?

Develop the Plan of Attack

The second step to proper fitness goal planning is to develop a plan of attack. This ultimately comes down to programming! The time it will take to achieve your goal, what muscle groups need to be trained, how they need to be trained, and in which way to most effectively achieve your goals safely and efficiently all need to be tailored to your goal.

For example – if you want to become your absolute best in your sport, identifying weaknesses in your game is crucial, and building those strengths from the ground up can give you a whole new level of confidence on the field. If training for sports with a lot of running, e.g. soccer or lacrosse, you will want to build your legs up mainly in the strength/endurance style of training. One of my favorite exercises for strength and endurance is Bulgarian split squats. 4 sets of 12-10-8-6 reps is a super effective way to build leg endurance while building strength and all the while burning more calories with the core stabilization required by the movement as well!

When training for functional fitness, health and wellness, having more energy throughout the day, or strengthening your body in resistance to aging, your programming will require more static and isometric exercises. One of my favorite exercises for postural control and spinal stability is planks – you can do them everyday. I like to do 3 sets of 1min each.

When training for fat loss (beach season) programming would incorporate more HIT training or super-setting. One of my favorite exercises to get ready for the beach is a circuit of burpees, kettlebell swings, jump rope, box jumps, and medicine ball sit-ups. 3 sets of 30 seconds (or reps) each with no rest in between and then one RI (rest interval) after each set for 45 seconds. You’ll feel the fat burning!!!!

Depending on your goal, the exercises you do – and how you do them, can change drastically. The key is to make sure your workout program is aligned with your goal. Only then will you be able to fully achieve your goal!

Have the Confidence to Follow Through

The third component is knowing you can achieve your goal. How can you know? – by getting a professional trainer to teach you training styles and techniques to quickly accomplish your goals and have fun while training! I’ve learned to concentrate on what I do best, and work with other professionals (CPA, doctor, massage therapist, etc.) to help me be my best. At the core of it, this third component is crucial. You have to believe and have the confidence that you can achieve your goal. Knowing why and how are as crucial as having the confidence that you can do it. Working with a professional trainer provides both the HOW and the confidence that it can be done!

Take the First Step. Let’s Achieve Your Goals!


For all the busy people out there with no time for the gym, this blog is for you! I know it seems daunting to think about working out for hours, using unfamiliar equipment, and trying to plan the perfect workout. However, it does not need to be that complicated nor time-consuming to get up and sweat. All it takes is 30 minutes to get into awesome shape and start seeing results now! The secret to this quick and efficient workout is something called Circuit Training.

  • 1. What is Circuit Training?
  • 2. What are the Benefits of Circuit Training?
  • 3. How Do I Get Started with Circuit Training?
  • 4. Do Don’s Upper Body Circuit Workout!

What is Circuit Training?

Circuit Training is the ultimate collaboration of strength and endurance for your workout. It combines simple exercises to target specific muscle groups with no rest in between. In essence, all you need to do is choose your exercises, gather your equipment, and jump right in! The most amazing aspect of Circuit Training is the fact that you can build yourself the perfect routine:

Just starting out?

Great! Focus on body weight exercises to get yourself used to working out.

Want to build muscle?

Perfect! Make sure you target higher weights with less reps, that way you can build muscle and get a cardiovascular workout!

Want to lose weight?

Awesome, focus on a lot of cardiovascular movement and less weights to get yourself burning calories and sweating!

Want to turn into a penguin?

Very cool, but as of now I don’t think Circuit Training can help with that…. I do love penguins though.

What are the Benefits of Circuit Training?

The beauty of Circuit Training is that is has unlimited possibilities for you to explore. You can combine any type of exercise into your Circuit to target the body part you want to focus on. Not only does this prevent you from getting bored, but it also allows you to combine strengthen and endurance to give you maximum results. These Circuit workouts typically only last for about 30 minutes as well, so time will never be an issue when trying to plan your week at the gym!

How Do I Get Started with Circuit Training?

Although it may seem daunting to get into, Circuit Training is one of the easiest styles to start with! The only items you need to get started with your workout are :

  • A timer
  • A written plan for your workout
  • The proper equipment for your written plan
  • 30 minutes of your time

Once you have all the necessary materials, it is time to get into the planning. Here, you can customize your routine to focus on upper body, lower body, core, conditioning, and flexibility. Personally, I like to target a specific area, such as upper body, to isolate my workout in that area. Once you decide what area(s) you want to focus on, it is time to choose the exercises. The beauty of Circuit Training is that you can choose the exercises you like! These exercises can be on a machine, with dumbbells, with kettlebells, or with no weight at all. For the sake of simplifying, I will share with you a common upper body Circuit workout that I use on a weekly basis!

Upper Body Circuit

Mouse Over or Tap On Each Image for Animations!

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds (choose whichever weight allows you to go for 30 seconds), and rest 10 seconds after completion

1. Cable Machine Bicep Curl

2. Chin-Ups

3. Dips

4. Cable Machine Tricep Pulldown

5. Dumbbell Shoulder Press

6. Forward & Lateral Two Way Raise

7. Kettlebell Single Arm Row (Switch arms at 15 seconds)

8. Pull-Ups

9. Planks (Regular, Left, and Right – hold each for 30s before going to the next)

10. Jump Rope

At the end of the first round, rest 1 minute. Do 3 rounds total

This is a super workout that gets your upper body, core, and overall conditioning in under 30 minutes! I love this style because I am constantly trying to maximize my time in the gym and be efficient. I KNOW if you are reading this, you are the same way as I am. You want to get in and out of the gym — and you want to leave sweating. That is why this style is perfect for your goals. Go ahead and give this style a try on your next visit to the gym. You will be so happy that you did and never want to go back to anything else.

If you have any questions or would like an introduction to this style of training, please check out our Complimentary Consultation at Iron Orr Fitness. We can explain Circuit Training in more detail and get you in awesome shape in less than 30 minutes a day!!!!!

Take the First Step. Let’s Achieve Your Goals!


Congratulations, Chris! You’re our client of the week! And it’s well deserved – Chris lost 29 pounds in 5 months! That’s over a pound a week! Your hard work and no-quit attitude show that if you just put in the effort, you can get amazing results. We’re proud of you!

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Congratulations Ali….4-PEAT!!  This guy is an absolute beast!!! He has lost 11% body fat, and lost 42 lbs. of total body weight in 4 MONTHS! An early and earned Christmas present!!!   This is exactly why you want in a personal trainer.  Matthew F., Ali’s Personal Trainer, is on FIRE!  Great Job Team, really WELL DONE!

For many of us, we struggle trying to unlock the most efficient and healthy way to lose weight, get lean and be healthy, but it evades MOST of US!  We continue to struggle, gain more weight, get dejected and eat more.  Only for the cycle to repeat year after year after year… until today.  Make today the day you choose a better tomorrow by contacting one of our trainers.  For instance, Mouza’s trainer, Chelsey, is one of our top notch Certified Personal Trainers in San Diego with incredible skills as a phenomenal Weight Loss Trainer!  She would be more than happy to help your quick journey of your better YOU!  No Memberships, Free Class & Free Parking for all of our Clients!  


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Why Am I Not Seeing Results During My Weight Loss Journey?

Are you in the boat where you have finally made the decision to lose weight? Have you gone to the gym, changed your diet, and still not seeing any results? Well, you are not alone. Many of us have made the same decision and seen the same results; no results; repeatedly. Trying to lose weight is not easy, but you knew that going into the challenge. So why are you not seeing results? I will go over 4 small but very common mistakes people do when embarking on their weight loss journey.

 1. Your Goals are Not SMART

Many of us when asked if we have goals would scoff at the inquisitor and say, “of course I have goals” and start rattling off things we hope to achieve without giving it much thought. SMART goals is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time bound. If at the beginning of your fitness journey, you just told yourself you wanted to lose weight, but then just left it at that, then your vague goal probably reflects your results. Very vague. When setting a goal for yourself, make sure the goal is specific, not too broad. Measurable, so you can track your progress. Attainable, so you can actually complete your goal. Relevant, to keep your goal from taking a tangent into something totally different. Last, but not least, Time bound in order to keep you from procrastinating. If your goal meets all these criteria, then you are starting your weight loss journey off on the right foot.

2. You Don’t Warm-Up or Cool Down

I get it. You wake up in the morning pumped to get into the gym and start your workout. Many of us have a limited amount of time to work out, so warming up and cooling down might seem like a big time waster. The fact is, not only does warming up and cooling down help prevent injury, it also helps your body output as much energy as possible during your workouts and burn more calories after you are finished. Warming up is a gentle jump start for your muscles and to get your heart pumping more blood throughout your body. After your workout many just go home and relax or go to work and sit in a chair. Incorporating a cool down will prevent your muscles building up with lactic acid, stretch your muscles to prevent injury, and help your body burn more calories throughout the day, even after your workout.

3. Something is Wrong with Your Diet

There are so many diets, cleanses, detox’s and other weight loss supplements out there it’s no wonder nobody knows the best diet to lose weight. You have tried every supplement and diet out there and you still aren’t seeing any results. Diets, even for professional athletes are very specific to the person, so the only way to truly know what diet is best for you is by trial and error. Since our bodies and genetics vary greatly, to tell you a specific diet to follow would be misleading. Rather, if you aim to eat unprocessed foods, whole grains, and essential fats and nutrients, you should be setting yourself up to succeed.

4. You Skip Recovery Days

I have seen this way too many times. Someone decides to really attack their fitness goals and wants to work out everyday of the week. The equation in your head may be pretty simple, workout more + burn more calories = lose more weight. The fact is, your body needs recovery days in between to rest, recover, and build from the workout you just did. If you do not throw some recovery days in between your workouts you risk injury and wearing down your body. I have seen a friend workout his body in to exhaustion, making him very sick in the process. Don’t sprint to the finish line, rather trust the process you set out for yourself and do it right.


You may be the person that has tried everything to lose weight and gain muscle. You may have hit the gym and changed your diet only to see the same meager results. Do not be discouraged! Take a step back, re-evaluate, and remake your SMART goals. There will be times you fail and want to give up. Stay the course and trust in the process.

If you are having trouble making a process for yourself or tried and tried again without seeing any results, maybe it is time to schedule your FREE consultation with the best personal trainers in San Diego.


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