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In addition to providing personal training to a wide range of fitness levels and body types, Iron Orr Fitness is also dedicated to educating and helping clients make positive long term lifestyle changes.

We encourage our clients to ask questions and learn more about their bodies. To facilitate this education, we have provided answers to some of the more frequently asked questions in the gym.

Quality is worth the price. However, we understand that everyone’s budget is different.

That is why we offer multiple personal training packages that will fit any budget.

No! Iron Orr Fitness Trainers are NASM (National Academy Sports Medicine) Certified, have years of elite athletic experience (football, rugby, baseball, basketball, track), as well as having college degrees.

This translates into clients getting to their goals safely and effectively. This also means that our trainers actually know what it takes to get results. Our customer service is unparalleled, as we consistently go grocery shopping, design diets and workouts on our client’s “off days”, and have daily contact with our clients. We do this because we know that after the 1 hour our clients spend with us training, they have 23 hours left in the day to fall back into their old habits.

This constant contact and reaffirmation is what separates us from the rest of the pack. And, it is why our clients get to their goals!

No! The Agua Bella Fitness Center is free to use whenever you’d like to workout with the purchase of a training package.

This allows you free access to yoga, spin, and Pilates classes as well as a racquetball court and outdoor jacuzzi.

No. You cannot spot reduce. The body is an interrelated unit that functions as a whole.

However, through diet and strength/cardio training, our trainers can help you sculpt your body to fit that perfect vision of you!

This is only possible because our trainers have the experience and expertise to individualize, create, and adjust specific diet/workout programs that are designed with your fitness goal in mind. 

Unfortunately, cardio only speeds metabolism for a couple of hours, while strength training builds muscle that burns fat throughout the day, and at night while you sleep.

With the guidance of our trainers, you will learn to incorporate efficient strength training workouts to get you to your goals sooner!

There are actually two issues in this question. The first issue is a misconception that pounds lost on the scale equate to being more healthy or looking great.

Unfortunately, many people buy into this thought process and try to cut weight through starvation methods of all types.

In reality, what they’ve accomplished is a decomposition of their lean muscle mass. In turn, the lack of lean muscle will eventually allow for fat to be gained. Hence, the yo- yo effect; people gaining the weight back after the weight loss.

Consequently, when an Iron Orr Fitness Trainer helps a client replace undesirable fat with lean muscle, their weight might not change as much as the drastic transformation of their body shape. The second issue is time.

Depending on the goal set, your condition at baseline and the discipline to follow the guidance of an Iron Orr Fitness Trainer, will determine how soon you will get to your goal.

Unless you are a woman taking anabolic steroids, 99.9% of women do not have the hormones necessary to create “male/bulky” muscle.

Most women who begin intense resistance training may see their arms grow larger at first. This is due to muscle being developed under the already existing layer of fat, which can lead to the misunderstanding that “my arms are getting huge!”

However, with consistency and determination, along with the correct exercise program designed by your trainer, you can eventually shed off the unwanted fat and change your body composition so that your arms achieve your desired tone.

Our Personal Trainers San Diego Iron Orr Fitness measure body fat using a highly calibrated InBody Machine.

We are able to objectively measure your bones, tissue, fat, muscle, and water. From here, we can give you an accurate baseline and continuous updates based on body fat, which is the most objective measurement of progress.

Additionally, the information is safely secured on a non database not connected to the internet in order to keep your personal information safe and secure.

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