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Have you been telling yourself you are going to lose weight? Tried every weight loss supplement on the planet only to see mediocre results or gain all the weight back after a short time? Well, you are not alone! Almost all of us have had that thought at some point or another. The problem often is not your drive or motivation to lose weight, but rather many outside influences making it hard to stay consistent. If only there were some easy tips so on those hard days you won’t stray away from your fitness, you can stay on track. Here are 5 easy tips you can use to lose weight.

Breakfast is for Champions


We have all been pounded with the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While every meal is important in the grand scheme of things, breakfast sets the tone for the rest of your meals throughout the day. For a lot of us, breakfast can be a hard meal to fit in. Mornings can be hectic and most of us don’t have the time to sit down and make sure we are getting a healthy breakfast before we start the workday. In fact, I bet most of us skip breakfast all together. Supplementing your protein and carb intake is the best way to go If your mornings are crazy and you can’t find the time to make breakfast for yourself. Remember, a protein bar or a protein better than no breakfast. This will jump start your metabolism while also giving your body the correct nutrients to perform throughout the day. This does not mean you can eat cake in the morning and call it breakfast! Proper nutrition is a must.

No Carbs After Lunch

If you are really trying to cut down on those pounds and reduce body fat, this is the most important rule of them all. If you are eating breakfast and lunch and giving your body the correct number of calories, your body does not need carbs after lunchtime. You have already given your body the amount of carbs it needs throughout the day at breakfast and lunch. All the carbs you ingest after lunch are insignificant, will raise your glycogen, and gets stored as fat for a rainy day. This is why breakfast is such an important meal. If you get your required carbs and protein during breakfast and lunch, there is no need to get them at your afternoon snack or dinner. The more carbs you ingest later in the day, the more likely they will not be used and stored as fat. Therefore, protein and vegetables only after lunch!

Lunch is Your Most Balanced Meal

You might be one of those people that have a hard time getting breakfast in or make dinner your largest meal. If so, you should really try and make lunch your most balanced meal. You now already know that your body doesn’t need a lot of carbs after lunch. Henceforth, if you don’t get the required calories during breakfast, your body will be craving these nutrients during lunchtime. When we say most balanced meal, we do not mean the largest meal. Balanced refers to the nutrients in the meal itself. Eating a massive cheeseburger is not a balanced meal because it has protein and carbs. Rather, it is packed with loads of unnecessary sugars and dairy that your body will not use. If counting calories isn’t your strong suite, you may want to use a meal tracking app like MyPlate or MyFitnessPal.

Only Protein and Vegetables for Dinner

If you haven’t noticed already, losing weight is mostly about diet. Since we know now that you shouldn’t be eating carbs after lunch, what does that mean about dinner. It means you should only be eating a protein and a vegetable during dinner. We all love the hearty steak and potatoes meal. The problem is, our body doesn’t need it. We may love the taste of a Ribeye steak that is perfectly marbled with fat. Mixed in with some delicious buttery mashed potatoes. Our taste buds will thank us, but if you make that a habit, you will put on the pounds fast! Later in the day, our body already has its’ stored energy. If you absolutley need a late night snack, fruit is the best way to go. For Dinner protein and vegetables only!

Protein Intake is Key

The appropriate amount of protein supplemented in every meal is key if you want to lose weight. The appropriate amount of protein you need to incorporate at every meal is calculated equation that is often debated. The DRI (Dietary Reference Intake) is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, or 0.36 grams per pound. This calculates the amount of protein that should be consumed for a sedentary man and woman. This amount is bare minimum to prevent deficiency, but far from the ideal amount someone needs to ensure optimal health and body composition. If you want to lose weight, your protein intake should be adjusted depending on your lifestyle. If you do not get the right amount of protein at every meal, you risk your body being deficient, which in turn hurts your chances at losing weight and building muscle.
In conclusion, if you follow these 5 easy tips, you will give yourself a great chance at losing weight. Everyone’s body is different, so the amount of time it takes one to lose weight and the amount of weight loss will differ. However, if you follow these tips, I bet you will not only feel better, you will see results! Diet is 80 percent of the weight loss battle. So, maybe instead of concentrating how much weight you are benching, you should put that effort into your diet.

If you are having trouble seeing results during your weight loss journey or want more diet education to help you in the battle to lose weight, you might want to think about working with a personal trainer!

We were voted BEST PERSONAL TRAINERS IN SAN DIEGO 2020 by San Diego Business Awards and rated BEST GYM IN SAN DIEGO 2019 by Expertise.  We only hire Elite Certified Personal Trainers in San Diego with varying levels of experience in athletics from the Olympics, Professional, Collegiate, Competitive Power Lifting, to general fitness.

We have a wide range of certified personal trainers that can help any individual at any experience level. We even have a certified nutritionist on staff for all your dietary needs and advice. CALL or TXT 858.255.0367 to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY consultation today!

We will do a full fitness assessment with no strings attached!


Your fitness assessment includes:

–            Full body comp assessment

–             20 min low intensity workout

–             Goal Planning

–             Nutrition Planning

Exercise has always been a great way to stay grounded when you’re feeling stressed, but it’s especially important given today’s circumstances. Staying healthy has now become a priority for people all across the globe, and working out during this time is a great way for you to stay sane, too. To help you break a sweat while stuck at home, here are some ways to make sure you keep safe.

Start Slowly

Even if you’ve been exercising before, it’s best to use this time at home to revisit the basics. Although Verywell Fit’s guide to slow weightlifting does admit that there’s inconclusive evidence regarding whether this is better than regular weightlifting, slow repetitions still allow you to build muscle while also preventing the risk of injury. Starting slow is a mindset that can be translated to lots of other exercises too – for those who practice Pilates, you’ll find that slower repetitions actually burn a lot more!

Pace Yourself

On that note, it’s equally important to pace yourself and make sure your muscles don’t get overly fatigued. Since you’re just at home, it can be tempting to work out hard every day. However, over-exertion can compromise your immune system and leave you feeling worse off. If you want to keep moving just even a little every day, you can break up your training days with some stretching and recovery. Healthline states that a consistent yoga practice can potentially improve your breathing, which is sure to help you on the days that you do train.

Track Your Metrics

It can be easy to lose track of proper form while working up a sweat, which often results in a slippery slope towards getting injury. This is why NURVV’s coaches recommend that runners track factors such as foot strike and cadence in order to point out which parts of their running style are making them prone to injury. These metrics are especially useful for those who have a treadmill at home or a garden big enough to do quick sprints in. For other exercises such as indoor biking or skipping rope, tracking your heart rate can point you towards the parts of the routine that push you the most, which can then help you re-evaluate whether you’re working hard or working smart.

Workout With Someone

You may not be able to physically exercise alongside other people just yet, but working out by using a video makes you feel less alone while also providing you visual cues to make sure you’re moving right. USA Today’s list of Instagram Live workouts shows just how many trainers and athletes are reaching out in the best way they know how, by making sure people at home are still moving. The good news is that there are workout videos for almost any kind of exercise you can think of, whether you want to lift weights or do some Zumba.

Working out at home is supposed to help keep your anxiety at bay, but not at the expense of getting injured. Our post on the 3 Keys to Recovery After Your Workout emphasizes that stretching is also part of any sustainable exercise regimen, so don’t forget to do some quick recovery stretches right after your workout.

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The fitness industry, particularly gyms, was one of the first to close down when the coronavirus pandemic struck. Such a move has, more or less, dealt a blow on people’s motivation to exercise.

How can you have the drive if there are no tools available or people you can work out with? As if people needed more alibis to not exercise, huh?

However, what is heartening is that trends in global mobile app downloads did show that a lot of people almost immediately looked for ways to keep their workout routines going.

People sought alternative methods for them to exercise in the comfort of their homes. That said, the coronavirus changed exercise by virtue of people’s relentless desire to keep fit, especially in a time when maintaining one’s health is of the utmost importance.


With the closure of gyms, it is only logical for people to turn toward online means to minimize them. Besides a rise in interest in fitness apps, gyms also started offering their services via videoconferencing platforms like Zoom.

A couple even offered free workout sessions to reach out to people looking to keep their health in check while on quarantine.

Such a setup fits the restrictions of the pandemic to a tee. The workout sessions are done with zero contact but seamless communication via crystal-clear video and audio is maintained.

Without a doubt, it is the safest fitness route to take for just about anyone. The risk of exposure only increases tenfold once we set foot outside our homes, after all.

Doing workout sessions online have their own challenges, though. For one, it might be harder for the instructor to correct the person doing a specific workout. It is often advised for the online instructor to accurately demonstrate each exercise to the person.

And, again, the value of online live sessions is that it retains the human touch when undergoing any kind of personal training.

It is a personal trainer’s job to motivate and coach, after all, and fitness apps that rely on pre-recorded workout routines you can freely watch on platforms like YouTube simply do not afford that advantage.

Such arrangements are not limited to just workouts alone because most yoga sessions can practically be done via any kind of videoconferencing as well.


Nothing compares to the perks of being able to exercise outside. Nature has inimitable healing properties conducive to our entire well-being, after all. Since social distancing is enforced in most places, many are encouraged to go solo when exercising outdoors.

Walking, cycling and jogging are still viable workouts, but there is certainly a noticeable difference in the fact that the social aspects of these physical activities have been removed.

Sure, there are still places where you can jog or walk that tend to have high foot traffic, but it is smart to just avoid them altogether. It would also not be an uncommon sight to see people bringing hand sanitizers along with them.

Overall, there is definitely hovering anxiety about contracting the virus every time people go out. It will not be farfetched to say that exercising outdoors; even when you are adhering to social distancing guidelines, still poses a great health risk for people of all ages.


And you will find that most of them are unrecognizable. In the US alone, many gyms are imposing plenty of restrictive guidelines to all people meaning to use their facilities. To give you a lucid picture of how much has changed, here are but some of the said guidelines you can expect most gyms to have:

  • Frequent hand and equipment sanitization is a must.
  • Masks are not required but people are still encouraged to wear them.
  • Post-workout showers are banned.
  • A distance of 6 feet should always be maintained by all gym-goers. Equipment is placed 6 feet apart.
  • Group classes are only limited to 10 people.
  • A lot of regular disinfection will also be practiced by the staff.

These are but some of the restrictions you can expect, and as you can see, gone are the days when they will be teeming with gym buffs.


The consistent threat of the coronavirus warrants all of us to keep our body and mind in top shape. Admittedly, this can become nothing short of a herculean challenge if we are constantly bombarded by our worries and the limitations that arose from the pandemic.

That said, exercise provides the best outlet for us to dispel most of the negative impacts of coronavirus.

Studies have already proven that doing any kind of moderate-intensity exercise can directly boost our immune system.

Complement this with immunity-boosting foods, and it pretty much gives you the peace of mind that you are. The same rings true for the positive effects of exercise on

Is it any wonder then that people are still fighting tooth and nail to get their workouts done?

Can we blame or ridicule them for using home items and pieces of furniture as replacements for actual gym tools?

Of course not! We should laud them, even. For they are not letting the pandemic, however vast and terrible its impact has been, shackle them or drive their motivation down.

This is also why people choosing to be sedentary should realize the sheer value of regular workouts.

Even keeping yourself moving should prove to be enough to aid your body gain the advantages mentioned above. Ultimately, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus on your daily life.


Indeed, people are continuing to adapt to the on-going massive changes happening in the world of fitness due to the coronavirus outbreak.

That said, we should definitely encourage more people to do so. Studies have already shown that the pandemic has only led to people becoming more sedentary. Otherwise, the long-term health consequences will be nothing short of devastating.

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For many of us, we struggle trying to unlock the most efficient and healthy way to lose weight, get lean and be healthy, but it evades MOST of US!  We continue to struggle, gain more weight, get dejected and eat more.  Only for the cycle to repeat year after year after year… until today.  Make today the day you choose a better tomorrow by contacting one of our trainers.

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YouTube video

Congratulations Johnnny for being our Client of the Week!!  Johnny has LOST 1.3% Body Fat and GAINED 2 LBs of SOLID MUSCLE in just 2 MONTHs!!!! This is exactly why you want in a personal trainer. Adrian, Johnny’s Personal Trainer, is on FIRE! Great Job Team, really WELL DONE!

For many of us, we struggle trying to unlock the most efficient and healthy way to lose weight, get lean and be healthy, but it evades MOST of US!  We continue to struggle, gain more weight, get dejected and eat more.  Only for the cycle to repeat year after year after year… until today.  Make today the day you choose a better tomorrow by contacting one of our trainers.

No Memberships, Free Classes & Free Parking for all of our Clients!  

✓ 🔽 1.3% Body Fat

✓ 🔼 2 LBs of  Solid Muscle!  😲🌟💪🔥🏆


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You have done it! You have taken the first step on your fitness journey and decided to make a change in your lifestyle. You’re motivated, determined, and this time, you have decided to work with a personal trainer to make sure you see results. Whether you are looking for personal trainers in San Diego or around the nation, it can be a daunting task. How do I know which personal trainer to choose? Should I choose the personal trainer near me or travel to someone I really like? Do certifications matter? These are all questions that are going through your head when your thoughts should be concentrated on your new fitness goals. Here are things that you should consider when choosing the personal trainer right for you.

1. Certification



The number one thing you need to research before choosing a personal trainer is their certifications. Personal trainer certifications are the one thing separating a real personal trainer from your friend Bob down the street who lifted some weights in high school. Iron Orr personal trainer, Brianna, lays out what baseline certifications you should be looking for when choosing a personal trainer.


“The most basic certification your personal trainer needs to have is a CPT certification” says Brianna. “A NASM certification is the gold standard for personal trainers and a nutrition certification also looks very good because 80 percent of being fit is nutrition and 20 percent is working out. Any certification on top of these is a bonus.”


Make sure when you are choosing a personal trainer, the personal trainer has his or her certifications clearly visible. If not, ask to see them. Otherwise, you could be paying a lot of money to someone who is not properly certified. This can be dangerous for you, not to mention, paying a lot of money to get a service you’re not really getting.

2. Experience


Like every job hiring, when you hire a personal trainer you want to check their experience. The personal trainer could check all the certification boxes yet has just gotten their certification and hasn’t worked with any clients before. Do you really want a personal trainer virgin? They could know a lot, but depending on your fitness level and your goals, you may not want to pick them as your personal trainer. Look for someone that has worked with an assortment of clients similar to what you are looking for. If you are a baseball player looking to get in shape before the season starts, you probably want a personal trainer who has either played baseball or specializes in training athletes. The right experience is always better than the most experience. Do your due diligence in the research and you will find the best personal trainer for you.

3. Location


Location, location, location! We have all heard the saying before and when choosing your personal trainer, you should consider location for a number of reasons. Should I just search best personal trainers near me? Should I search best personal trainers in San Diego? Depending on your options, you should way certifications, experience, and location together. Do you want to work with the personal trainer across the street if he is brand new to the job? Would you be willing to drive 15 min to work with someone with more experience? These are the questions you will have to weigh when choosing a personal trainer. Ideally, you can find a great personal trainer near you. If not, you my need to travel a bit to get what you want.

4. Schedule/Availability


You will hear your personal trainer refer to it, but the best way to get back in shape is consistency. Consistency in your diet and consistently working out. The problem with some personal trainers is that they are not consistently available. Whether is is due to them having a lot of other clients or maybe another job they have, some personal trainers cannot train you as consistent as you would like. Make sure that when you choose a personal trainer their schedule works with you, or else you could end up paying and seeing no results.

5. Character


One of the greatest fears when choosing a personal trainer is paying the money then finding out your trainer is a complete lunatic. During the consultation process, your trainer may seem like the perfect fit for you. Then as time goes by you start to realize the flaws. Maybe he isn’t available. Maybe he doesn’t fit your needs. And maybe he doesn’t even care. The local personal training circle is a small one and every well-known trainer has a reputation. Make sure you research reviews, maybe even get a referral from a friend before you put down the money for a personal trainer. Ultimately, you want a personal trainer that compliments you and is well respected in the personal training community.

Whether you are looking for the best personal trainers in San Diego or personal training anywhere in the world, you should keep a few things in mind when targeting a personal trainer. Finding a personal trainer that checks off all your boxes could be tough. There is compromise in any tough decision you make, but if you do the research and take a little time to look, you will find the best personal trainer for you.

If you have made the decision that now is the time to get a personal trainer then Iron Orr Fitness is for you! We were just voted BEST PERSONAL TRAINERS IN SAN DIEGO 2020 by San Diego Award Program.  We only hire Elite Certified Personal Trainers in San Diego with varying levels of experience in athletics from the Olympics, Professional, Collegiate, Competitive Power Lifting, to general fitness.


Iron Orr Fitness is dedicated to making sure you dominate 2020 by reaching your goals!

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Congratulations Amy for being our Client of the Week!!  Amy has LOST 4.8% Body Fat and LOST 6.2 LBs Total in just 2 MONTHS!!!! This is exactly why you want in a personal trainer.  Great Job Team, really WELL DONE!

For many of us, we struggle trying to unlock the most efficient and healthy way to lose weight, get lean and be healthy, but it evades MOST of US!  We continue to struggle, gain more weight, get dejected and eat more.  Only for the cycle to repeat year after year after year… until today.  Make today the day you choose a better tomorrow by contacting one of our trainers.

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If you have decided to hire an online fitness trainer to help you achieve your goals, how do you decide which one is best?

You will probably have lots of questions and concerns, which are absolutely natural when venturing into something new and unknown.

Online Fitness Trainer Infographic
Online Fitness Trainer Infographic

So what are some of the pros of choosing this path?

4% of fitness attempts without a trainer succeed

81% of fitness attempts with a trainer succeed


As long as you have access to pre-downloaded videos and/or a Wi-Fi connection for streaming videos, you can work out wherever you are.


Iron Orr Fitness Online Personal Trainer will create an exercise regime tailored towards your individual fitness level and goals.


Instead of being locked into a specific class schedule at your local gym, online programs are almost all offered at your convenience.


Working online with someone is far cheaper than working with them in person, so it makes for a really cost-effective way to tap into a person’s knowledge and expertise for a fraction of the in-person costs.


You can’t see an in-person trainer at all hours, every day. They have other clients to train, inflexible schedules to stick to, and places to be.

Iron Orr Fitness Online coaches can stay in touch with clients whenever you need them, and technology makes keeping in touch with many people in less time possible.


Regular contact keeps you on track and accountable, so you’re less likely to deviate from what you need to be doing.

Iron Orr Fitness Online fitness trainers help you tweak as and when necessary, rather than having to wait until you next see them.


When you’re working out alone, it can be tempting to lower the intensity and exercise at a leisurely pace. Iron Orr Fitness Online Personal Trainer won’t allow this and ensure that you always exercise at maximum intensity and get the most from your workouts.


Never is the delivery of information easier than online, where articles and links to specific information are just a click away and can be sent to you in seconds.


In addition to exercise plans, personal online trainers are open to educating their clients in the areas of lifestyle changes, movement, and nutrition. These fundamentals can help you transform your body and with these accumulated adaptations overtime, motivation can grow.


One final benefit of hiring  Iron Orr Fitness Online Personal Trainer is that we’ll help you achieve your health and fitness goals in the fastest time possible.

Still, confused whether online training is beneficial? Contact Iron Orr Fitness for a complimentary consultation and get answers to your fitness queries.

People who are new in the field of fitness and start exercising on their own often find it difficult to achieve the body they have dreamed of.. Even after following a consistent exercise routine, they do not find any difference in their body. They complain of seeing no results or change after doing vigorous exercises regularly. These people fail to realize that the exercises they have chosen might not suit their body type. This is why hiring a personal trainer who can properly guide your workouts is so important! In the initial days of your workout journey, the personal trainers provide you with a routine that suits your needs and your individual goal.. It helps every person achieve the change they want in their body effectively, safely, and efficiently!

Personal Trainer San Diego provides their clients with personal trainers who have extensive experience and expertise in the fitness arena. They understand the needs of their clients and help them in framing a workout routine that can help the customer achieve their fitness goals efficiently and effectively. The personal trainers offer support to anyone who is motivated to lose weight or gain lean muscle. Most often when people workout without professional help, they follow routines that might not suit their body type. This is where a personal trainer comes to the rescue. They help people choose workout routines that are customized and suitable for their body type and their personal goals.

Why are Personal Trainers Important?

San Diego gyms offer personal trainers who are capable enough to guide every person to achieve their fitness goals successfully. Here are a few reasons that can help to better understand why personal training with a Certified Trainer is more effective than training on your own:


Most people who are extremely motivated to stay fit often get stuck at the basic step of figuring out the correct workout routine. The routine they choose might be wrong and have no effect on the body. Personal trainers who know each workout routine and their benefits can help every person choose the appropriate exercises. They are also aware of the frequency, intensity and time of each exercise. Certified Personal Trainers can guide every person accordingly and help them reach their fitness targets.


When people workout on their own, they often follow the same routine everyday. They fear introducing new exercises in the routine as they are not sure if the routine will be effective. Or perhaps they are afraid to not execute the exercise properly, increasing the risk of injury. This makes the workout routine not only ineffective, but boring after some time. To help people deal with these situations, personal trainers are essential. They can help you to understand the benefits of each exercise and change the routines accordingly so that you continue to break through plateaus and hit new goals. This makes the entire process of working out fun for every person. San Diego Fitness provides personal trainers who make the process of staying fit a fun activity for every customer!


Personal trainers understand our exercising abilities better than us. When people exercise on their own, they often do not push themselves beyond their comfort zone. Once a person is comfortable with their daily exercise routine, a personal trainer can challenge them by increasing the frequency of an exercise. They test the limits of every person by encouraging them to work a little harder everyday. For example, if a person does ten push-ups daily the personal trainer might tell him to do five more the next day if he feels necessary. This is going to increase the effectiveness of the workout. By consistently providing new stimulus to the body, the workouts never become boring and stale.


When people workout on their own, they get bored with the routine as they lack motivation. People are more likely to stay motivated when they find an expert to support and encourage them. A personal trainer always motivates people to work hard and stay dedicated to their fitness routine. People often draw motivation from their personal trainers as they are there to encourage and support you on your fitness journey. Any Gym in San Diego offers personal trainers who help their clients stay motivated in their journey of staying fit.


Personal trainers are like teachers who train people in the field of fitness. They teach the newcomers about each exercise and its benefits. They also help every person understand their body type and follow routines as per their needs. People who do not have much knowledge about workout routines but want to stay fit can benefit greatly from a personal trainers knowledge and expertise. Certified Trainers enlighten their clients about fitness and teach them more about the impact of each workout. Personal Trainers also impart knowledge about healthy eating that can help improve one’s lifestyle. They also help teach clients to workout safely and correctly on their off-days while hitting their targets.


We often overlook the mistakes we make while exercising on our own. This can have a negative impact on the entire workout routine. A personal trainer will always point out the mistakes we make while exercising. They teach the correct methods and help every person perform each workout correctly. This makes the workout routine effective and we can see results in our body sooner. People often give up during situations when they find the exercises to be difficult. Personal trainers help people overcome this by boosting their confidence. They supervise, guide and allow every person to reach their full potential.

San Diego Personal Trainer guides every person in their fitness journey by providing correct assistance. They boost their confidence and motivate them to push their limits while performing exercises. Every person can attain the body of their dreams if they are able to figure out the correct workout routine. Along with a workout routine, following a proper diet and sleep schedule is also important to see changes in the body. A personal trainer can provide the best advice when it comes to choosing a workout routine. They have years of experience in this field and have better knowledge as to which exercise works best for attaining a certain goal.

Once a person is able to figure out the workout routine, diligently practicing it regularly can help them stay fit. A personal trainer always helps to kick-start the journey of staying fit, laying the foundation from which to build upon. Working out on your own sometimes has little to no impact on the body. A personal trainer helps a person stay in healthy shape more effectively. We recommend you finally take the plunge and hire a trainer today!

So you are working hard in some of the best gyms in San Diego to lose the fat, but it’s been a month and there is not even the slightest reduction in inches and weight. This is a common problem with a lot of people; their bodies are not burning calories due to poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles – and lack of muscle! But do you know, you can control the speed of your metabolism by doing strength training? From getting more sleep, eating healthy, AND introducing strength training into your fitness routine,, you can quickly stoke your metabolism fire and get back on track. Today in this article, we are going to show you how you can use effective strength training to boost your metabolism.


One of the first things you need to do is increase the muscle mass on your body. You can start by using the weight machines in the gym; they are easy to use. In addition to this, you can perform specific calisthenics such as push-ups and abdominal crunches based on your level of fitness. According to one famous personal trainer in San Diego, “when you are building up your strength and increasing your muscle, you are burning fat too!”

Please keep in mind that machines and calisthenics are a good start, but you will need guidance when you progress to strength training; especially if you are going to increase muscle mass and stoke your metabolism! Proper form and technique, exercise programming, and diet and nutrition are well-known ways some of the best San Diego gyms and personal trainers in San Diego teach their clients.

According to our research and personal trainer in San Diego, you should be doing weight lifting at least three times a week with a trainer and 1-2’xs a week on your own. Weight training 4-5x’s a week will give you the 16-20 strength training workouts a month that you need to gain muscle and burn fat..


Some of the best San Diego Fitness gyms will make you work on your posture first before giving you any weight. This will help you align your body correctly and learn how to engage your postural muscles when weight is eventually added.. In addition to this, if you are not working with proper posture, you can easily get injured! Focus on Time Under Tension (TUT) principle which accentuates the time you flex and extend your muscles during sets while keeping your posture aligned.


We are more powerful than we think we are, and that’s a true statement for our body too. When you are working on increasing strength, you should slowly increase the weight and the resistance. The weight differs with the type of exercise you are doing. Make sure you are lifting the amount of weight that is appropriate with the targeted muscle groups you are doing. In case you are not able to do the last two reps, you need to consider lowering the weight.

After some time, when your body gets used to the weight, you need to increase the weight by roughly 3 to 5 kgs for your arms and 5 to 8 kgs for your leg workouts. Or, if you are not comfortable in adding weight, then increase the repetitions +3 reps. 


The personal trainers in San Diego gyms always ask their clients to be consistent when they are working on the major muscles of their bodies. Thus, in your training, you need to have a weightlifting session at least 3 times a week with a trainer.

The San Diego personal trainer gives their clients a choice of doing a full-body strength workout two to three times a week or break the strength exercise into upper and lower body components. If you go with the latter option, make sure you are performing each component the same: 2-3x’s a week. 


When you work on strength training, your muscles will have tiny tears in them. Don’t worry about this as it is not harmful, but essential for your muscles to grow stronger. When a muscle is broken down, it will heal itself after some time. Once you are done with strength training for a particular muscle, give it at least 48 hours of recovery time; you should not perform the same exercise for at least 48 hours.


Some of the best gyms in San Diego such as Iron Orr Fitness pay good attention to how you breathe when you are strength training. Your tempo is equally crucial, as it helps you stay in control of your reps and doesn’t compromise your strength gains. When you are working against the resistance of the machine, bar, or using dumbbells,, exhale when you push. Keep the breathing cycle running throughout the entire set, as it will give your body the oxygen it needs to lift the weight. 


When people are looking to increase their metabolism, they need to work on their strength and build muscle. Thus, an individual needs to work on her muscles and grow them because, with more muscle, they will be able to perform longer and more intense workout sessions. That will further increase the burned calorie count in a short time.

Wrapping Up

These are the seven incredible methods and tips which one needs to follow when they are thinking about having effective strength training to enhance their metabolism. Once the metabolism engine is revved up, you will start to see the change in your body. Let us know if you have any further questions at info@ironorrfitness.com. Thank you!