Guide to Staying in Shape and HealthyWhile Traveling

The Complete Guide to Staying in Shape and Healthy While Traveling

When we’re traveling for work or pleasure, it’s often the case that our fitness journey takes the back seat in our priorities. More pressing concerns come to the fore, leaving health and exercise to become an afterthought to resume when the “time is right.” As we all know, running from these responsibilities can lead to a host of health issues.

However, the right guidance from fitness trainers can help you maintain your fitness regime, thus avoiding such problems. One day of neglecting wellness can quickly turn into a week, then a month, and before you know it, you’re struggling to fit into your pants. The signs of neglect are feeling uninspired, always tired, and generally struggling to do the things you used to do. But it doesn’t need to get to that point. With this guide, you’ll learn how to maintain your fitness while traveling, regardless of your schedule.

  • Get a hotel with a gym

The absence of a gym nearby might be one of the reasons you’re shelving your workout routine. But, for those who are away for extended periods, our fitness trainer from San Diego advises considering accommodation with an in-house gym. Access to facilities for lifting weights, CrossFit training, and even simple toning exercises can be highly beneficial, especially if you are on a building muscle regime.

But not just any gym. Our trainers recommend this checklist:

  • Choose one that offers variety: A few weights and two treadmills alone may not cut it, depending on your fitness goals. Generally, you want a hotel gym that mixes it up in terms of strength and cardio, for instance.
  • The right gym should be clean and space efficient too. You don’t want to be bumping into sweaty guests in a stuffy room

Before you book, call ahead to ask questions about their fitness options and amenities. Evaluating their training programs and checking if they cater to your preferred workouts such as CrossFit or running is crucial. Of course, it always helps if you can sweat out while viewing beautiful scenery.

  • Pack a resistance band

Our fitness trainers often emphasize the resistance bands for fitness-minded enthusiasts. It’s a priceless fitness tool, and for those spending much of their time traveling, it can replace dumbbells effectively during workout sessions.

Having the right accessories is one thing, but staying motivated is another. It can be uninspiring and demotivating to workout alone. There may be little reason to put in that extra rep or run when there’s no one to push you. That’s why our fitness trainer recommends signing up for a local fitness class in your area. It can provide you with the needed guidance and structure, allowing you to effectively schedule your training sessions.

  • Band squats and thrusters for your legs
  • Work your core via band planks with rows or band Russian twists
  • For your arms, band bicep curls should do the trick
  • Band reverse fly and shoulder press for your back and shoulders
  • Get your chest into the action with banded chest presses and push-ups
  • Join a local fitness class

Despite the excitement of travel, sleep is still vital. Remember, you can’t do everything in one day. Spread out your activities according to your training schedule so you don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Traveling can indeed be thrilling, but your health should always come first. Our fitness trainer in San Diego always emphasizes prioritizing a healthy diet, and the need to consult a physician for a checkup before traveling.

  • Get enough shut-eye

Our trainers in the fitness industry advise that travelers should have an elaborate travel and fitness plan. They should set aside 10 to 15 minutes each day to work out, target different muscle groups, preferably work out at either end of the day. With a proper structure in place, it becomes easier to stay healthy and in shape during travels.

However, skimping on sleep can lead to serious health issues, more so when it becomes a habit. You may struggle with your mental well-being and your cardiovascular function may soon follow as well. To get enough sleep when traveling, our personal Trainer San Diego offers a few words of wisdom:

  • Watch the alcohol- and caffeine- leading up to bedtime
  • Bring a travel pillow as well as earplugs and headphones to cozy up with ease
  • Work out regularly- light stretches can work- to avoid sleep disruptions from travel inactivity.

Remember, you can’t do everything in one day. Spread out your activities so you don’t bite off more than you can chew.

  • Have a chat with your doctor

You’ve saved up all year and you’re over the moon about your trip to the Dalmatian coast. Once there, you’re feeling under the weather and your paradisiacal holiday ends up being anything but. Getting sick on a trip you’ve been waiting for so eagerly sucks, and that’s why you need to get a checkup from your physician before you take off. In particular, find out if there are any recommended vaccinations where you’re headed.

Our personal trainer San Diego also emphasizes prioritizing a healthy diet leading up to your travel. Eat lots of multivitamins and drink plenty of water so that when the time comes, your immunity can stand up to the challenges of a new environment.

You need a plan

Why do most travelers battle to keep fit and healthy whilst on the road? Because they are not guided by a routine or an elaborate travel plan. Our San Diego Fitness experts have one neat trick to help you out in this regard. You may have a travel itinerary to guide your travel, and you could borrow a leaf when creating a fitness itinerary if you will. At your points of travel, have 10 to 15 minutes set aside to get your workout in. Target different muscle groups each day, try shooting for 2, and preferably work out at either end of the day. With a structure in place, it becomes easier to stay healthy and in shape during travels.

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