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You’re probably well aware that building muscle equates to better health. However, do you know the exact reasons why? Is it worth knowing the answers? We think so and we think the below information will definitely pay off. Also, what could possibly be bad about more knowledge, especially if it directly pertains to your fitness goals?

Ultimately, we all want the same goal: optimal health. Any personal trainer San Diego Ca says as much, and those who have enjoyed the immense benefits will undoubtedly agree.

So before you start searching for outdoor gyms near me and readying yourself for the grind, brew a cup of coffee or tea first and take the time to equip yourself with some golden nuggets of knowledge about muscle-building, here are the top 8 reasons for building and maintaining muscle mass.


Many San Diego fitness trainers are all too willing to recommend strength training to their clients because it not only builds muscle mass but serves as a cardio routine as well. You might argue that almost any kind of exercise has holistic benefits. There are still cardio workouts that help you develop muscles.

However, muscle-building and strength training as a whole clearly stand out because of their more pronounced benefits on the heart and lungs. This is despite most strength workouts being considered as low-impact cardio exercises. This really shouldn’t be a surprise since, even with continued movements and minimal rests, you get to increase your heart rate every time.

There are even studies that prove that it’s just as good for promoting heart health as any kind of cardio workout. This is why muscle-building is almost always included in any elite personal training San Diego program.


We tend to overlook the importance of having the right balance as we do our daily activities. In fact, without proper balance, we won’t even be able to do something as essential as walking or standing! Many seniors also tend to have a higher risk of suffering falls because of poor balancing abilities…as a result of weak muscles.

On the other hand, posture not only helps you look better but may even take care of chronic back pain issues you’ve been dealing with. Having poor posture is a tell-tale sign of low strength endurance since plenty of muscles are typically involved in maintaining good posture.


Any expert weight loss trainer in San Diego will be all too willing to underscore the importance of strength training in boosting one’s metabolism. Incidentally, if you happen to be a foodie, did you know that maintaining muscle mass requires more calorie intake?

Most of this is rooted in the fact that any muscle you develop only adds to your basal metabolic rate (BMR). The latter basically dictates the number of calories you need to take in just to maintain your body’s optimal functions. So you can only imagine the boosts in metabolism you’ll get to enjoy if you continue building muscles and working out in gyms in San Diego.


Much like any kind of exercise, for that matter. After all, strength training also triggers the release of endorphins, which are hormones that help you deal with stress and worry by boosting your mood. You probably know by now how much of a quicksand depression and low self-esteem can be.

If you happen to be suffering from one or more of these conditions, know that there’s always an opportunity to help you combat it through working out. The best personal trainer San Diego will always be there to lend a helping hand to motivate you and, hopefully, come out as a new, more refreshed person!


Just ask any personal trainer San Diego about the importance of muscles in decreasing the risk of injury and chronic pain, and chances are, he or she will point this factor out. At the core of strength training is improving movement. Without it, how can you go about with your day-to-day activities? And even if you can, must you really endure unnecessary pain every time you do anything?

As you keep performing strength training workouts like lunges and squats, you only do your joints a load of good. In turn, this only makes you more amenable to performing daily activities without the usual inconveniences.


And nowadays, who doesn’t want to be more disease-resistant? How exactly does your building muscle provide a better shield against illness? Well, most of it stems from the general way you’re keeping your body stronger as a result of your strength training. The more you build muscle, the more you’re giving your body the fuel it needs to keep up with the demands of everyday life and whatever challenges come your way.

We don’t need to look further than the link between muscle mass and diabetes to drive this point further. Did you know that the more muscle tissue you have, the less load you take off your pancreas in managing glucose in the blood?

So the next time you’re hesitating to search “gyms near me” because of a lack of motivation, just remember this fact and the terrible consequences of uncontrolled diabetes. Chances are, you’ll be suiting up in no time.


Optimal bone health is just as vital as building muscle. Fortunately, you’re not actually neglecting your bones each time you pump iron. In fact, it’s the opposite since strength training also boosts bone density.

For older women who are prone to getting osteoporosis, this opens up an opportunity to prevent that from happening altogether. Keep in mind that if you’re a woman yourself, your estrogen levels tend to take a nose-dive during and after menopause. This only makes your bones weaker, which necessitates taking active steps to keep them strong.


With all these advantages taken together, it becomes clear that muscle-building lends itself to promoting overall well-being. In short, it’s one of the healthiest routes to take. And if there’s one other factor that’s readily associated with health, it’s longevity. This topic has been featured extensively on mass media platforms.

It may not be the sole factor, but the way strength training aids in cardiovascular health and building endurance does keep the risks of chronic diseases down. By no means is it a magic bullet as well. However, now that you know knowing you can add years to your life if you start building muscle NOW, would you still willingly skip out and not train?


What’s good is that strength training can be performed anywhere, in an outdoor gym in San Diego or in the comfort of your home. You may even do it in an online session with your favorite personal trainer San Diego. This pretty much guarantees that there is no room for alibis as far developing muscles. Considering the state of these times, we can even argue that any type of exercise already serves as a ready boost for everyone, so start today!

Muscle building, at the end of the day, comes down to two important factors: diet and exercise. It may seem basic and simple, but once you break it down, it really does come down to these two aspects. However, while simple this does not mean it is easy, it’s how you plan and implement your diet and exercise that makes the difference. This is where an experienced personal trainer can greatly benefit you.

Iron Orr Personal Fitness Trainer San Diego can back this up with countless overwhelmingly positive testimonies from clients. At Iron Orr Fitness, we are more than proud of what we have helped our clients achieve.

This is why to give back to everyone, we’ve compiled a list of invaluable tips from our very own San Diego Fitness Trainers on how to go about with your workouts and dieting if your aim is to gain muscle mass. Here they are as follows:


If your goal is to attain lean muscle, it won’t hurt to truly be in the know when it comes to the specific calories you need to take in every day. The calories needed is calculated from your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure). In order to gain lean muscle mass, you must consume a slight surplus above the amount of calories burned in the day (TDEE).

It’s not even about going all in and calculating your macros (though that will definitely be effective, too). Rather, it’s concerned with knowing how much protein,  and minimum calories you need in order to maintain that surplus. What’s good is that there are numerous ways nowadays for you to do this. You can:

  • Go the traditional route and take the time to keep a record of your calorie intake.
  • Use an app that will make it easy for you to log your calories and access them for convenient reference.


Since protein is the building block of muscle, it’s only right to keep this as high as your body needs to boost muscle gain. On average, 1 gram per 1 lb of body weight is the recommended intake for adults. But, everyone will be individual so It won’t hurt to take the time to experiment or ask a Personal Trainer San Diego about the right course to take.

Be mindful of your protein sources. Lean beef remains the most ideal option when it comes to dietary sources. This is followed by chicken, eggs, tuna, oatmeal, among others. If you’re having a hard time incorporating more protein into your diet, it won’t hurt to rely on good, old protein shakes to make up for deficits.

Always take note of what’s available to you with your pre-existing conditions factored in. If you happen to have ulcerative colitis, for instance, then your options may be limited to lean meats and eggs alone. 


This is a concept in Elite Personal Training San Diego that essentially means you incrementally increase the intensity of your workouts. It’s about willingly challenging and stressing your body as you train since muscle growth is triggered by these stressors.

Is it any wonder then why Gyms in San Diego are often full of people pushing themselves to new heights? Chances are, they’ve already been advised by their personal trainers that this is the way to get results.

Do take note that this should always be done gradually. The increase should include factors such as intensity, frequency, and volume of workouts as time passes. Admittedly, it could be hard to do this without the guidance of Personal Training Gyms in San Diego. Injuries remain a high risk should people decide to go this route so consult a personal trainer before you increase your reps and intensity.


Before you start searching for “gyms near me” with the intention of training in it every day, know that rest is just as important for developing muscles. For one, you’ll only be putting yourself at a higher risk of injury if you do so. Once it does hit you, you’ll only end up being out for a long time, which will only put all your hard-earned gains to waste.

Aim to achieve REM sleep every day as much as possible. Five hours of it alone can do wonders for your body. Always allow time for your muscles to fully recover before going into your favorite Outdoor Gym San Diego all freshened up and ready to tackle newer, harder workout challenges. 


As long as your workouts are not causing limitations to your movement capabilities, then that’s a good sign that you should continue doing the workout sets you’re doing. Finding a good range for sets and reps that allow you to be 2-3 reps from failure(with good form) is ideal. For starters, it’s always better to start slow and build up from there.

A majority of workouts should be done with 70%-85% of your 1RM(1 rep max) and limit your reps to 8-12 and sets below 4. The key is for you to adopt the thinking that a little mild soreness will go a long way while making sure that you can still handle the workout routines you do.

The need for fitness has never gone out of demand. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, the awareness for a healthy fitness regimen has increased to the point that it is a must-have for all of us! Many people usually do not take into account the need for a personal trainer for staying fit and in shape. The idea that you can be fit on your own is true…only to a certain extent. In order to achieve the best results, you will need a personal trainer; mostly all professional athletes have personal trainers and you deserve to get one as well.


We, at Iron Orr Fitness, provide you with the best fitness personal trainer San Diego. Our task is to ensure that you achieve your target by following the right techniques and diet. So, if you are considering Personal Trainers in San Diego, then look no further. We will provide you with the reasons why we can be the best choice for you. Thank you for reading.

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Best Analysis About Your Health

Our experts ensure that you are given the best health package in terms of fitness and lifestyle. It is the task of our fitness trainers to take a thorough analysis of your lifestyle and health and to collect the right information. Based on this information, your specific trainer assigned to you will lay out an individualized fitness plan that will serve YOU the best. We, at Iron Orr Fitness, do not believe that the same fitness training structure should be followed for all. Therefore, it is our responsibility to sketch out specific fitness plans for each and every individual on the basis of their health and lifestyle — and target goal.

Taking It A Step Further

Getting a personal trainer near me does not mean that we are limiting ourselves, our you, to only one means to attaining an effective fitness guide. We take it a step further in making sure that your health is not being compromised anywhere. Our trainer will accompany you grocery shopping if need be to assist you in picking the right food for your muscle gain,, weight loss and healthy diet. We do not wait for you to come to our gym, our services can reach out to you via our OPT (online personal training) program, off-day programming that can be done at any gym, and of course — you can use OUR gym on your off-days as well!

Keeping Up With Science 

Our fitness program and training processes are based on the latest developments in science. We do not keep our knowledge static, but learn with the passage of time. That’s why you will see that our methods are more innovative and advanced than other gyms in San Diego. Our trainers are always working on their next certification and are incentivized and encouraged to do so. YOUR health is our #1 priority, and therefore we keep our trainers educated with all the current methodologies. We have team meetings three times a week so we can share knowledge, problem-solve, and make sure everyone is ready for YOUR GOALS. The result is that you get to have safe and efficient fitness training that is based on both experience and knowledge.

Exercise Without Pain 

It would not serve any purpose if we bring you to our gym and train you in such a way that you can’t even get up from bed due to pain. A training module once started should go on continuously to ensure optimum health. To overcome this issue, our expert weight loss trainer in San Diego will focus on the entire kinetic chain. In this way, you will be able to lose weight and make your muscles stronger without excessive pain or missed sessions.

Nutrition And Lifestyle 

Since 2004, we have been giving our clients a proper diet and lifestyle plan. For proper muscle strength and weight loss, what you eat is as important as your training exercise. Therefore, at Iron Orr Fitness, we customize your diet accordingly. We even take your cultural needs into consideration. So, if there are certain foods you are not comfortable with, we provide suitable alternatives for them as well.

Gyming The Right Way

We have the best personal trainers in San Diego where our certified fitness trainers help you in your exercise. If your target is to lose fat, gain lean muscle, get stronger or tone, our trainers will chart out a proper exercise routine for you.

Outdoor Gym

While it is common to find a decent indoor gym, Iron Orr Fitness provides you with a world-class indoor gym, AND an excellent outdoor gym infrastructure as well. From weights of all sorts, dumbbells up to 135lbs, bench presses, squat racks and cardio, you will receive all your requirements for your fitness training. Moreover, the outdoor atmosphere is scientifically proven to help with blood pressure and in reducing stress. So, you will be deriving much more from our outdoor gym.

Iron Orr App

The Iron Orr app is your digital personal trainer which keeps track of your activities throughout the day. You can also get the option to chat with your trainer through the app and, if need be, you can also make a call. To make it even better, our app can easily be integrated with your smartwatch. Whether you use Fitbit or Apple Watch, our app will be totally compatible.