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As the best personal trainers in San Diego, we are well-versed in body fat loss, muscle building, and nutrition guidance. Our award-winning trainers don’t just transform bodies; they transform lives.

Whether you want to change your physique, improve your athletic performance, or undo the damage of a lazy lifestyle, we are here to take your fitness journey to the next level.

Muscle Building Workout with Iron Orr Fitness experts at Weight Loss and Muscle Gain.



Training our clients to reduce fat and get in shape transforms their bodies and boosts their confidence.

A professional fitness trainer helps our valued clients achieve this transition by enhancing muscle growth and general physique.

This procedure helps them lose weight, eat the right calories, pay attention to their diet, manage their weight, and work out frequently.

Over 19 years, we have assisted hundreds of individuals in gaining muscle, losing belly fat, and getting in shape.

We will help you set objectives and establish a personalized lifestyle plan that considers every aspect of your health, including your diet and exercise routine.

By putting stability, innovative time management, and dietary advice together, we have diligently developed a complete plan that guarantees you fulfill your physical goals and boost your self-confidence.

Our strategy goes above and beyond conventional weight-loss methods. Our goal is to change your body’s composition so that you gain muscle and reduce fat simultaneously. So, forget the frustration of losing muscle while burning fat.

Our recently released app, which aims to centralize dietary advice, offer off-day workout programs, and facilitate easy access to in-person workout data, is the hub of this system.

As MUSCLE GAIN EXPERTS, we design efficient training plans for individuals who want to start bodybuilding and those who want to lose weight.

Iron Orr Fitness is dedicated to offering complete fitness programs, from bodybuilding to strength training. Our fitness programs include strength training to maintain lean muscle mass while reducing body fat.

Your workouts have reached a standstill, or your weight reduction objectives must be more attainable.

Our skilled personal trainers can create customized training programs to maximize muscle growth and minimize injury risk. They will also walk you through each training session.

For 20 years, we have helped thousands of clients change their body composition.

Iron Orr Fitness is dedicated to supporting you in reaching your health-related objectives.

Eating can be difficult, especially if you suffer from an eating disorder or have a bad relationship with food.

Our dietitians are available to assist you in developing a more positive relationship with food. We’ll help you create new eating habits and attitudes for long-term success.

We also help you to enjoy your favorite dishes and foods from other cultures guilt-free.

With continuing nutrition services available in San Diego, our dietician will assist you in living a better life.

Iron Orr Fitness provides strength training, fat loss, muscle gain, dietary coaching, and internet support on your off days.

We provide all its clients complimentary access to all fitness courses for off-day workouts and to help them achieve their objectives safely and flexibly.

We continue having fun while working out! These courses are only one of the many ways we support you in achieving your goals.

As a former Notre Dame Football Player of the US Bobsled team with a strong interest in bodybuilding and a background focused on health, the owner, Justin Orr, has over 25 years of experience in high-level competition, which has prepared him to excel at overall high levels of elite athletic performance.

He is an accomplished conditioning specialist who genuinely comprehends what it takes to perform, in addition to being a coach.

Justin has continued to be involved in San Diego’s elite sports circles, added more qualifications, and brought these skills.

We put much effort into providing athletes with quality training to compete professionally and stay injury-free.

Listen to What Our Esteemed Clients Have to Say About Our Services

Jasper - Achieved Remarkable -11.1 lbs & -10.4% Body Fat Loss in 2 Months



Injury Avoidance Program

Our Injury Avoidance Program is at the core of our commitment to your well-being. We focus on customized fitness journeys and offer safe methods to follow. We help you reach your goals without sacrificing physical well-being by adapting training to your current injuries and nutritional requirements.

Maximize Gym results

No Wasted Time, Stellar Results!

Many people are idle and spend endless hours at the gym. Get rid of distractions and concentrate on savoring every moment when working out with a personal trainer. Observe the effectiveness of your exercises and noticeable outcomes.

Individual Gym plan

A Personalized Plan Just for You!

We create personalized exercise programs based on your specific goals and interests because we understand that every person is different. Even if everyone has similar goals, our method ensures your fitness journey is specifically customized for you.

Body Medical Assessment

Precise Medical Assessments

Our efforts are rooted in real-world proof and decades of experience rather than guesswork. Accurate medical evaluations let us create workout plans, enhance form, correct posture, and create a stable base to build strength. Access to online one-on-one coaching also guarantees continued assistance even on days when the program is not live.

Get Tangible Success at the Gym Through Our Expert Guidance!


In over 19 years of offering high-quality fitness services in San Diego, we’ve assisted countless men and women in achieving their personal goals, life events, and health objectives with expert coaching.

Reaching your goals extends beyond just lifting weights or building muscle; It makes your life more satisfying.

Maximize Gym results

Our clients have accomplished incredible milestones, from career advancements and marriage to taking back control of their bodies after giving birth.

They’ve overcome their anxieties about traveling overseas, developed confidence in their style, and secured their financial future to enjoy life’s finer things!

Individual Gym plan

Your trainer will give you their whole focus when you participate in one-on-one personal training on IronOrrFitness. It provides a personalized exercise experience considering your lifestyle, interests, and health objectives.

With individual attention, your trainer will be able to figure out and pump up what works while adjusting what doesn’t to keep your fitness journey on track.

Body Medical Assessment

Our trainers are a treasure of information, offering assistance in setting reasonable short- and long-term objectives and instruction on proper form and equipment usage.

You will learn about human physiology, body mechanics, exercise science, behavior modification, and more to enhance your exercises!

San Diego's Best Personal Trainer Award 2024
We are the top trainers for body recomposition. Carson lost 15 lbs and 10% body fat in just 3 month with our personal fitness trainers

Discover Top Award-Winning Personal Training Programs for Everyone!

If you are ready to make a positive change, start your journey towards your goals with Iron Orr Fitness. Our skilled trainers, certified by NASM, will help you build strong muscles and boost your well-being.

No matter your age, we offer fun strength training sessions to improve your flexibility and overall fitness.

At Iron Orr Fitness, we are committed to sharing our fitness knowledge and preventing injuries through various strength programs. Our certified trainers cater to all ages with a pace that suits you. 

We’re dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

As our client, you can access your conditioning, training, and nutrition programs through our app and phone, even on rest days.

Let’s work together to achieve your best self!

Charlene lost 25 lbs and 9% body fat in just 3 months with the accountability of our trainers' strength and stability fitness guidance with our Personal Trainers San Diego



Justin - Iron Orr Fitness CEO and Trainer



John Callaghan, Fat Loss & Body Recomposition Expert



Meet Our Certified Trainer: Francesca Holland, Expert in Fat Loss & Body Recomposition



Life is a matter of choices and every choice you make, makes you. To begin, selecting the right personal certified trainer in San Diego is one of the most important decisions you’ll make on your health journey. It will determine your mental, emotional, and physical health to help whether you’ll ace your goal achievement or not.

We are in it with you for the long haul, pushing you toward the greatness we know you are capable of accomplishing. Work with an award-winning trainer who has been making dreams come true for the better part of two decades for people just like you.

A Place with 20 Years of Fitness Dreams Coming True!

You Have Questions & Needs for Support​ Training Services

We’re here to support your weight loss or muscle gain journey and help you reach your fitness goals with expert coaching.

Whether it’s for a special occasion like a wedding, post-baby body, your favorite outfit, career advancement, photoshoots, interviews, speaking engagements, anniversaries, reunions, or simply feeling confident at the beach, if you need a personal trainer or fitness trainer in San Diego, WE ARE YOUR TEAM!

Sabareesh N. down 9.3 lbs fat mass and 3.4% body fat in ONLY 6 sessions
John S. continues to gain ground. He’s passed his newbie gains, and he’s adjusting his diet and nutrition to continue his progress & IO Journey. John is not completely done with his first training package with Iron Orr Fitness. John is now up 6.8 pounds of rockhard muscle. He is also down 5% body fat. He’s living his best life!!



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