2024 AWARD WINNING Training Program

In our 20-year-old family-owned business we have developed a system for your fitness goals with efforts to prevent injury. We will work with you to make training programs for functional movements and successful lives.

We offer a trainer team approach to make sure your schedule is the priority and your goals are achieved. You and your goal are priority number ONE. 

With hundreds of 5 Star reviews, our certified personal trainers’ excellence meeting the needs of clients, you get the one and only top Personal Trainer San Diego Iron Orr Fitness trainers!

We’ve helped thousands of people achieve their fitness level training goals, lose weight, find their desired shape, realize a healthier lifestyle, and created highly successful nutrition plans through caring programs with accountability to get you to goal.

JUSTIN ORR Iron Orr Fitness owner/CEO, Personal Trainer San Diego Iron Orr Fitness



Justin- Fitness Gym Trainer, Iron Orr Fitness, Justin’s background as an elite athlete includes Notre Dame Football, and the US Bobsled Olympic Team. The exposure to elite athletics gave Justin proper form, recovery, specialized lifts, flexibility techniques to optimize movement and he has shared with clients in a safe space and the Iron Orr System.

19 Years Experience, Muscle Gain, Athletic Performance, Body Recomp Expert.



JOHN – Iron Orr Fitness Gym Trainer San Diego, General Manager, 12 Years Experience, Pro European Football (soccer) Experience, Fat Loss & Body Recomp Expert.

John’s approach is systematic and down to a scientific tee! He oversees all programs to make sure all clients are on the right pace on your wellness journey.



TAII –  Iron Orr Fitness Personal Trainer, Defensive Coordinator, San Diego Jewish Academy, Strength & Conditioning, Body Recomp & Muscle Gain Expert. Well over 8 years of experience and 2 years in our fitness center.



VALENTYNA – Iron Orr Fitness, 8 years of experience training.

Absolute Champion of Ukraine UBPF in the category Model-Physique 2016

1st Place European Champion Fitparade 2016

1st Place World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation Model-Physique 2016

Absolute Champion of Ukraine Model-Physique 2021

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Specializing in body recomp and weight loss



PAUL – Iron Orr Fitness. Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, San Diego Seals NLL, Muscle Gain and Body Recomp Expert. With 6 years of fitness training at Iron Orr Fitness, Paul has helped countless people get to their goals through smart fitness plans, incorporating flexibility and stability.



WILL –  Iron Orr Fitness Fitness Gym Trainer San Diego, Muscle Gain and Body Recomp Expert. Will has helped hundreds of people get to their goals and make sure their wellness journey if safe, effective and fun, all in our San Diego Gyms; Lux and Agua Bella.



JORGE – Iron Orr Fitness, Master Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Gym Trainer in San Diego. With many years of experience in San Diego Fitness, Jorge knows exactly how to meet people where they are and build them in a safe way to their goals.



FRANCESCA – Iron Orr Fitness, Fitness Gym Trainer, 7 Years of Experience,

Experience training seniors, chronic pain and muscle imbalances, or have other special considerations such as scoliosis, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Behavioral Change Specialist, B.A. UCLA 


CERTIFIED strength & conditioning specialist, functional strength coach, Performance Enhancing Specialist

BRYAN – Iron Orr Fitness, 4 Years of Experience.

University of Central Florida / Orlando, FL (B.S. Kinesiology/Athletic Coaching)
Keiser University / Orlando, FL (Exercise Science) Prairie State Community College / Chicago Heights, IL Marian Catholic High School / Chicago Heights, IL

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist NASM Certified Personal Trainer
CPR/AED and First Aid (American Red Cross



K.D. – Iron Orr Fitness, 10 Years of Experience.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Certified personal trainer, specialty certifications in youth fitness, corrective exercise, senior fitness; sports nutrition (NASN), silver sneakers group exercise, calisthenics (PCC), and adaptive body work.

CPR/AED/BLS – American heart association.

KD has experience training every body type imaginable.  K.D. is easily one of our more successful trainers as she produces excellent results through masterful knowledge of exercise science and her certified nutritionist experience.



ENER – Iron Orr Fitness, 19 Years of Experience.

National Council for Certified Personal Training

Certified personal trainer, specialty certifications in  corrective exercise, program design; nutrition (ISSA),  group exercise.

Ener has 19 years of experience training every body type imaginable.  Ener produces excellent results through masterful knowledge of exercise science and his certified nutritionist experience.



DAWNA– Iron Orr Fitness, 9 Years of Experience. Dawna’s wealth of experience has exposed her to all scenarios. She knows how to help you regardless of your baseline. We have our facilities, one of the best choices in San Diego’s Gyms. 

Diploma and Certification in Nutrition, Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Anatomy and Exercise Physiology, and Practical Application of Personal Training, CPR, AED – National Personal Training Institute, Costa Mesa, CA



LOGAN – Iron Orr Fitness, Certified Personal Trainer.

Ex professional baseball player and Division 1 basketball player. Experience with basketball and strength and conditioning training for amateur athletes to pros. Ability to critique clients quickly and effectively based on fitness goals while making training enjoyable. 

Bachelor of Science, Coppin State University Baltimore, Basketball

Tampa Devil Rays

Colorado Rockies

Anoop's 48 lbs Weight Loss & 20% Body Fat Reduction
San Diego's Best Personal Trainer Award 2024
Muscle Building Workout with Iron Orr Fitness experts at Weight Loss and Muscle Gain.


HIGHLY TRAINED PROFESSIONALS Bachelors degrees in exercise science, kinesiology and Industry certifications acquired through years of real world experience and proven techniques. During your personal training session, our trainers will focus on details concerning movement like feet and heel placements, posterior chain, muscle imbalances, over compensations that lead to injuries, because each person is unique with unique bodies and experiences to get you to your goals of weight loss, muscle gain or body recomposition.


Fully committed, friendly, positive attitude and supportive in helping you to achieve your goals. We have highly educated and successful trainers from every perspective in life to help you feel comfortable; male or female personal trainers, we are here to help you! We also share your successes with our highly supportive community on Instagram. As our client, we make sure you feel like the champion you are! Our trainer team is here to help you in your wellness journey. We also offer classes for your off days to keep things interesting and engage other people in the community.


Servicing San Diego with Personal Training for 19 Years of Award-Winning Client Results. We have helped thousands of clients achieve their goals and we can help you find the way too! Our trainer team works together to develop a unified plan to get your body into the shape you want. We just ask that you show up to the gym. In your sessions in person and online, we make sure you're on target to get you the body you want. Your trainer team is here to help your wellness journey with accountability and support!

Iron Orr Fitness: Certified Trainers, Personalized Plans, Proven Results

Fitness Assessment and Consultation:

From the beginning of your fitness assessment and consultation, your trainer will answer all of your questions at every level of fitness with an in-depth and thorough analysis of your current situation.

Diverse Fitness Services:

Each facility offers services, which include weight lifting for each skill level, mobility, balance, nutritional guidance, adjustments for body recomposition, group training like fun zumba, yoga or hiit workout classes lead by certified instructors to diverse exercises that offer a varied fitness journey for anyone and everyone.

Our facilities of 5,000 sqft, one of few award winning San Diego Gyms, values cleanliness and a fair amount of equipment for everyone with free weights, treadmill and elliptical equipment for most muscles.

Fitness Plans:

We know you need a routine that will fit your schedule, your budget and someone you can trust to have a real impact on your transformation. 

Our trainers know it’s their job to have expertise, knowledge and the latest information of importance to ensure you are treated as an individual and have a quality fitness plan on a regular basis to make sure you get the most from your workout session.

Technology-Enhanced Training:

In fact, we even offer things like online personal fitness training for your off days using easily accessible technology; our app offers customized workouts, health and fitness goals, diet, a range of light and advanced workouts with a design to our overall goals. 

Our trainers are in it for the long haul and long term benefits of health!

Our personal training team is here for your results, motivation and support you in maintaining those results on your own by teaching you healthy habits.  

We give you the confidence and control of your future to know how to exercise during each of your training sessions and fitness program. Each part of your workout, from lifting weights to strength training with optimal equipment at our fully loaded best gyms, is carefully planned to meet your unique needs and restrictions. 

Certified and Passionate Team:

All our trainers are certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. With a lifelong passion for fitness, there’s something truly special about our team that separate them from the others.

You’ll notice a number of them are certified in advanced modalities of training, such as Corrective Exercise, Strength & Conditioning, Active Release Bodywork, Nutritional, athletic experience and many more.

Our team is dedicated to optimizing you, your results, and your experience, and your confidence, to ensure you have the energy, stability and strength needed for your workouts and everything a fast pace life demands.

If you’re looking for the certified personal trainers in the San Diego area, your search ends here. Our approach and results separate us from the rest of the lot of personal trainers and other gyms. We arm you with coaching to succeed, and our trainers will hold your hand at every step of your fitness journey. Each session is an exciting variety of exercises to keep you engaged and in a place of optimization. 

Two Studio Locations:

We offer two studio locations in UTC/La Jolla, CA.  Agua Bella is one gym location with access and choice of class or wellness group instructor lead classes like yoga, hiit and Zumba.

The other location is LUX with a state of the art gym designed for professional athletes, physical therapy and luxury fitness, sauna, showers and lockers with a room specifically for yoga and spin classes.

Proven Fitness Program:

More than 19 years ago, our company founded Iron Orr Fitness Personal Training from the ground up to help people get to their goals without injuries!

Today, much of our proven training program has evolved into providing support through strength training, cardio workouts and a variety of other exercises, making us a leader in personal training in San Diego, CA at an affordable price.

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