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San Diego Strength Training Class

For over 25 years, the owner, Justin Orr’s health-focused background as a former Notre Dame Football Player, and a keen interest in bodybuilding as a member of the US Bobsled team, has given him exposure to high-level competition, preparing him to excel at overall high levels of elite athletic performance.

He’s not just a coach, but a seasoned conditioning specialist who truly understands what it takes to compete. Justin has brought these skills, added more certifications, and kept in the elite athletic circles in San Diego. We work hard to deliver serious athlete training to help them perform professionally and avoid injury.

Customized Training

Not just confined to workout sessions near san diego, our trainers are fully equipped to offer one-on-one training sessions as well.

These individualized workouts help us to focus on private strength and push towards individual health and xplicit fitness goals.

Strength & Conditioning EXPERTS

We’re the San Diego Seals Pro NLL Strength & Conditioning Coaches for the 5th season. Iron Orr Fitness is also in a national partnership with Bat Club USA to help train their young athletes for baseball and softball.

Proven Systems for Optimal Performance

Our Olympic, Division 1A, Professional experience has afforded us the ability to share optimal ways to train for peak and sustainable performance.

For 20 years, we have created systems to make sure results are the focus. Iron Orr Fitness was built on the foundation of injury prevention in pursuit of excellent performance and goal attainment.

As strength coaches to athletes, we work with athletes in their middle school years to professional adults, meeting the athletes where they are. We also understand that young athletes are choosing to specialize earlier than in years past, which is why we focus on teaching them skills to prevent overuse injuries as early as possible.

Athlete Development

For older athletes, we recognize there are most likely some injuries we are working around in our workout and bodybuilding sessions. Our aim is not to aggravate pre-existing injuries, but to optimize performance and create systems for advanced recovery.

Athletic Excellence

Dedicated to athletic excellence and understanding the essence of victory, we are shaping competitive champions.

San Diego Seals Professional Lacrosse, NLL, Strength & Conditioning Coaches Iron Orr
San Diego Seals Professional Lacrosse Conditioning Coaches Iron Orr
Agility, Strength & Speed Training
Agility,Strength & Speed

Specialized athletic equipment and sprinting area to gain the athletic edge and further strength and conditioning to perform at peak during games.

Recovery Strategies for High Performance Training
Recovery Strategies for optimal wellness

From cryotherapy to active release bodywork to our circle of elite doctors and therapists, we have access to these modalities to make sure our athletes are in peak form.

Online Personal Training
Online Training

Many of the San Diego Seals are “out of market” meaning they do not train in San Diego during the season so, we have adapted to make sure they have access to elite strength & conditioning programs to elevate their capacities and perform at peak come game time.

Over 35 Years of Experience in Elite Athletic Competition and Coaching

Our training team has Olympic and Division 1 athletic experience along with 25 years of elite performance training and certifications in CSCS, Functional Athletic Sports Performance and bodybuilding methodologies.

Lacrosse Bows with Personal Trainer San Diego, Strength Conditioning

Lacrosse Bows with Personal Fitness Coach , Strength and Conditioning

There is tremendous joy in having the athletic ability. There’s even more joy when success continues and allows for more opportunities in college and at the professional level.

As a team committed to health and wellness, we add to the joy of success by helping you get stronger, faster, achieve more stamina, and become mentally tough to win over the duration of your athletic career.

Our systems are here to help the whole athlete and not just a season.



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