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The personalized nutrition program aligns food with your goals for success.

Iron Orr Fitness- is committed to helping you achieve your fitness-related goals. We are NUTRITIONAL GUIDE EXPERTS!

For 20 years, we have helped thousands of clients change their body composition without feeling like Sisyphus or losing their results quickly. Eating can be tough, especially if you have an unhealthy relationship with food or an eating disorder.

Our nutritionists are here to help you build a healthier connection with eating. We’ll support you in developing new habits and feelings towards food for long-term success.

We also assist you in enjoying cultural foods and your favorite dishes without guilt.

Our dietitian will help you achieve a healthier life with ongoing nutrition services in San Diego.

Behind Weight Frustrations
Fitness Classes
Fitness Classes

Looking after your body to avoid injuries in activities like yoga and trying out exciting HIIT classes on your days off can help you reach your health goals faster. Plus, visiting a medical nutrition clinic can give you valuable support and advice for your journey to better health.

Online Personal Training
Off Day Plans

Our NEW app allows for clients to stay on track with their program even on their off days not in the gym. Our system is a partnership guiding you to your long term goals. The goal is to help you attain sustainable, natural strong muscle, which will give you confidence in your body and appearance, boost energy, improve general medical labs, enhances overall wellness, and contributes to better sleep.

Nutritional Guidance Iron Orr Fitness

Like a well-calibrated combination lock, we collaborate with you to discover the perfect San Diego nutrition plan that not only brings joy to your life but also aligns with your objectives and ensures long-term maintenance. Our approach is guided by registered dietitian nutritionists who tailor the diet program to your unique needs, ensuring that you achieve your goals while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Training Muscle Gain Iron Orr Fitness

Our high-quality equipment and 19 years of expertise help people achieve their fitness goals. We also provide an appointment for personalized guidance and support. Weight training is a critical component of building strength and muscle. What you eat plays a significant role in your progress. Understanding the right sports nutrition can be the key to achieving your goals in weight training.

Nutrition Guidance


Mastering food is a lifetime gift. Data shows the gut and brain health connection can be responsible for anxiety and depression.

There’s evidence that gastric irritation may send signals to the CNS that trigger mood changes.

The relationship between diet and the body is much more noticeable and we have experienced every scenario to help you get to your goal and keep your results.

Upgrading your food choices with the guidance of a San Diego registered dietitian is a lifelong gift that significantly impacts overall well-being.

The link between gut and brain health underscores the importance of custom nutrition in managing anxiety and depression.

Our experienced team helps you achieve confidence, better mental health, improved sleep, increased energy, and a youthful appearance.


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