Bust Through Your Fitness Plateaus

4 Tips to Bust Through Your Fitness Plateaus

The time for new year’s resolutions is right around the corner and this year is going to be the year you stick with it, right? Whether it’s your new years resolution or a new diet you decide to go on, this change in your daily routine is not something to take on lightly. You may have heard before that most humans do not like change, yet it’s ironic that our world is forever changing. Do not fault yourself though. In a constantly changing world the only thing to balance the universe is Change’s opposite, Homeostasis. Homeostasis is defined as “the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes.” In this article I will give you tips to overcome homeostasis to make sure you follow trough with this new year’s resolution.


 Homeostasis: The Level at Which You Have Plateaued

Homeostasis is the yin to Change’s yang. It is the feeling of keeping everything the same as change is knocking on your door. Most of us love the feeling of familiarity and comfort, but never thought it was much of a problem. The truth is, homeostasis has been working its magic on you without you even noticing Tips to Bust Through Your Fitness Plateaus.

“one piece of cake couldn’t hurt my diet”

“If I skip one workout, it won’t matter that much”

This unintentional self-destruction is the bad side of homeostasis, but you don’t need to give in to its familiarity and comfort.

Be Flexible with Your New Change

One of the worst things you can do when you finally decide to make a change is give up or push through the obvious strain that the new routine has presented. Since giving up is not an option, the next option you might choose is to push through the strain. When you decide to push though the strain, more likely than not, you are just depleting your energy and increasing the chances you just give up all together. Plan on the new change to be hard and plan on messing up a few times. It’s ok if you don’t completely fall back into homeostasis.

Follow a Practice Regularly

During this tumultuous time of tying to make a change, a routine could be the most comforting thing about the whole process. Your energy levels may be suspect the first few weeks, but you have already planned on this change being hard. You don’t have to do an intense workout, just show up to the gym so you can get into the habit of doing so. Who knows, you may end up meeting a workout buddy to lessen the pain of your new change. Which brings me my final Tips to Bust Through Your Fitness Plateaus.

Develop a Support System

If you don’t get much out of this article, get this last tip! You need to develop a support system when you decide to make a big change. We have already identified that the change is going to be hard and you probably will mess up. To avoid getting discouraged and quitting, you need to have support when the times get tough. Family, friends, coworkers, classmates all could potentially be your support system, but the hard truth is, not everyone has the best support system to help them get through the new change. If you are having trouble finding the right support system, you might want to try finding a personal trainer. Personal trainers are not just trained to instruct you through your workout. They are there to help you with the psychological effects of going through a big change.

Again, if you are having trouble obtaining the right mentality to make a change or you want more fitness education, you may want to consider working with a personal trainer!

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