Coronavirus Isolation

Coronavirus Isolation: Top 5 Tips to Keep You From Going Crazy

Coronavirus Isolation: 5 Tips to Keep You From Going Crazy

Coronavirus or COVID-19 as it’s scientifically referred to, has engulfed the globe infecting and killing at will. It has put a complete stop to our daily routines, sent almost every working American home, and emptied our grocery stores. 24-hour news coverage has Americans glued to the TV in anxiousness while they still try and get work done. All restaurants, bars, and social gatherings have been shut down, with an even greater lockdown lurking in the future. Did I also mention the kids are all home from school too? That must make things easier. If you’re not on Spring Break in Florida, you have probably done the decent thing and stayed home. It has only been a week since America has essentially shut down and I bet you are getting a little stir crazy with all he aspects I just mentioned. Here are 5 ways to keep yourself from going crazy during the Coronavirus lockdown.

1. Concentrate on Your Work, Not the TV

As I mentioned, most Americans have been sent home to work. At first you may have cheered about the decision. Fast forward one week and people are complaining. The constant battle between turning on CNN and actually getting some work done is hard for some people. I mean, who could actually care about work when there is a global pandemic gong on outside? It may be hard, but when you are working from home, turn off the news. Not only will the silence ease your anxiousness, you will actually be able to concentrate on your work. I’m willing to bet the news will still be playing when you finish work and working hard will make those hours in your house go by in a blink of an eye.

2. Start a House Project

People always say they wish they had more time to get things done around the house. Well, now you do have the time! Build that mancave you have always wanted or assign the family different projects around the house. Not only could it be fun and creative, your house will be clean and your mind off the time!

3. Go on a Walk/Jog/Run

There has been a lot of misinformation out there on the Coronavirus, but one piece of information coming out has stayed consistent. You can go outside, just don’t go out of your way to be with groups of people outside your household. A long walk by yourself or with someone in your household is completely fine. In fact, its needed! Your body still needs to get the required vitamin D levels. Whether that’s through sunlight or supplements doesn’t matter, your body needs it. In extreme cases if you don’t get enough vitamin D you can start to develop Winter Depression, which is the last thing you need during these stressful times. Get outside for your bodies needs and for your sanity!

4. Binge Watch TV Shows

This isn’t the most recommended way to pass the time because there probably is something more productive you can be doing. But, if you are an overachiever and have done everything, then you deserve this. Streaming services have taken over the television industry. I don’t know why people even have cable anymore. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, among others, pump out more content than any one person can watch in years. I consider myself to be up to date with most shows and yet there are still some I have not heard of or seen. It would take 10 Coronavirus pandemics for you to watch every Netflix show. The point is, there is a ton of great shows on streaming services. If you complete all your responsibilities and have noting else to do, plop yourself on the couch and dive into the black hole that is binge worthy TV shows.

5. Workout at Home

Many live in apartment complexes and don’t have the biggest space to workout, but for those of us that do, or have a gym in the apartment complex, this is a great way to keep your mind sane while also keeping your body in shape. You don’t need fancy equipment or a juice bar to get a good workout. Realistically, you just need to get your heart rate going and your muscles working. There are a number of exercises that need no equipment or even just a simple household piece of furniture to complete a workout. If you find yourself overeating because of stress or due to being next to the food all day, maybe it’s time for an in-home workout.

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