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Here is our fitness blog series where we explore all things that matter to your fitness goals! Fat loss, muscle gain, strength training, workout plans, mobility, flexibility, and pain relief! Our trainers will be writing posts for you based on their specialties. Keep your eye out for a new post every week! We trust our posts will help you take your fitness to the next level.

To kick things off, here’s our FIRST blog post – written by the founder of Iron Orr Fitness, Justin Orr.

Welcome to Iron Orr Fitness! Our company’s story is truly unique to the personal training industry — and our customer service is the best in San Diego.

This didn’t happen by mistake. We built our company based on your needs and expectations, not ours…and we did this for a reason. Trust us, you’ll love OUR STORY!!


Our founder Justin Orr experienced first-hand why putting clients\’ needs and expectations first and foremost is the most important thing in the world of personal training.

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, Justin was traveling around the world, working hard, setting goals, and competing on a world stage.

Training with one of the world\’s best personal trainers at this time was in particular a life-altering experience for him. An experience that you might not expect — and one that changed the way he thought about the personal training industry from that point forward. This experience was the catalyst for why he started Iron Orr Fitness.

Following a career through Notre Dame Football and the US Bobsled Team, ultimately, Justin moved back to San Diego and started Iron Orr Fitness based on THIS experience.

For over 14 years, not only has no one ever been injured, but this business was built on principles which ensure all clients enjoy the experience while getting lasting results.

Iron Orr Fitness was built upon these principles:


When you work with an Iron Orr Fitness Trainer, your needs and concerns will always be welcomed and received. Our culture reinforces your needs while maintaining and promoting an overwhelmingly positive working environment FOR YOU!

We are a growth-oriented business – both for ourselves and for our clients.

Our environment is conducive for you to push past your perceived limits, go to places you didn’t think you could, and get results fast while enjoying the entire process!

Whether you’re just a beginner and do not know how to lift weights, or a budding superstar — we design a personalized program just for YOU!


Iron Orr Fitness runs from San Diego’s complete state-of-the-art facility.

This is not your average gym – this gym is clean! With a full-time cleaning crew that cleans the entire facility twice a day, and a monthly tech crew to maintain all equipment, we care for the facility as much as we care for our clients.

Initially ran by Roger Stewart of Zenergy Fitness, Iron Orr Fitness Owner Justin Orr took over in 2004. From multiple squat racks, dumbbells all the way up to 150 pounds, and all types of cardio & weight machines – the facility is regularly updated with new equipment. On top of that, Yoga, Pilates, and Zumba classes offered free to clients!


Have you heard?? Sitting is the new smoking!! We are all sitting more. We sit at our desks at work, we sit at home on the couch or chair, we sit in our car, we sit to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

WE ARE ALL SITTING WAY TO MUCH!! At the same time, more and more fitness programs are swinging the pendulum to the opposite end of the spectrum and becoming more ballistic, violent, and focused on fast abrupt movements that can cause short results long-term injuries at the same time. At Iron Orr Fitness, we know our clients are coming to us from a sedentary lifestyle. That is why we “open you up” when you come to us.

We use Adaptive Body Work (ABW) to release tight muscles, relieve long-term injuries, and realign your body prior to exercise. Iron Orr Fitness Personal Trainers studied Adaptive Bodywork under the one and only Mr. Ron Arbel. You can find more about Ron and Adaptive Bodywork here.

This method has proven to not only get people out of pain but to exponentially increase their capacity for exercise.Who doesn’t want to let all the tension go after a long day at work? What if you’re an athlete? Wouldn’t you like to train hard every day without feeling tight and sore? This is what ABW does for you. It means you can get to your fitness goals faster and safer, and feeling more energetic, alive, and more confident through the entire process. ABW bridges the gap between your sedentary lifestyle and the body you want to be proud of!


Imagine walking into a positive, friendly, and welcoming gym where we all support you and your fitness journey – and everyone knows your name! Our team holds weekly meetings to make sure our clients and customers are happy and fulfilled while training with us. With every one of our staff members dedicated to you and your success, you’ll feel welcomed and encouraged each and every time you walk in the door!

It is our mission to have you leaving every workout feeling like you just won the World Series! You don’t have to take our word for it! Take a look at what our happy customers have to say-> Take the Leap of Faith: INVEST IN YOURSELF TODAY!

Our complimentary, no obligation consultation is the best way to start today! When you set up your consultation, you\’ll meet one of our world-class trainers at our facility. Your trainer will help you hone-in and determine YOUR fitness goals, find your baseline body composition test, and even do a 20 MINUTE complimentary floor workout

(fun and low impact) to help you find out and determine YOUR NEEDS and concerns — and which training package FITS YOU the best. Stay tuned for more blog posts to come every week! Next week’s post will be about your mobility checklist. Not sure what that is or why it matters? That’s okay! That’s what the post is for!

We look forward to meeting you and starting YOUR journey today!

-Team IOF

Take the First Step. Let’s Achieve Your Goals!

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