The coronavirus pandemic may have all gotten us stuck indoors but that certainly gives us no excuse to just let our fitness progress come to a stand-still. In fact, your fitness is very important now, more than ever.

So, no, you can’t just turn your back on your goals. Now is the time to look for ways for you to be able to continue your road to that chiseled body or, if not, maybe just an overall healthier and slimmer you. 

With that in mind, what could possibly be the best option for you, now that most of the gyms are closed or have severe limitations?

Well, virtual fitness classes are definitely in right now for numerous reasons.

We have listed down 5 of the best here, so you’ll see for yourself that there’s nothing stopping you from achieving your goals even in the face of COVID-19’s formidable threat.

1. First and foremost, they share valuable expertise to help you keep fit.

Virtual fitness classes are essentially arranged and recorded similar to live personal training sessions. You don’t have to interact with the personal trainer, you simply have to follow his instructions and pay attention to the demonstrations of each exercise. 

Besides that, fitness companies also plan and design their own fitness programs, which are complemented by the expertise and experience imparted by the trainers.

It’s still personal training, after all, and you only get the disadvantage of not being able to communicate face-to-face. Even so, that drawback can easily be overcome by the communication platforms that fitness companies like Iron Orr Fitness uses.

In the end, we can’t deny the fact that virtual fitness classes remain an accessible option for you to stick to your fitness regimen anywhere you are. And you will also always have the peace of mind that you are not just learning from a subpar source.

2. You won’t be bound to a fixed schedule.

Online fitness classes often offer the best flexibility in scheduling your workouts. It’s easier for fitness companies to support people looking to workout simply because they make pre-recorded virtual classes that can be accessed anytime, as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. 

You don’t have to be pressured to attend a specific session whose schedule is not under your control. Rather, virtual fitness almost immediately translates to less stress for people because you get to do any sweat session you want according to how it will fit your daily schedule. 

Understandably, there’s no shortage of people working unpredictable hours. Virtual fitness classes simply serve as a fitting option for them to squeeze in those important exercise sessions day in and day out.

Also, most virtual class programs are arranged in such a way that you can access them with just a few clicks. You can start from where you left off or select from numerous workout sessions readily selectable for viewing. In the end, no other fitness solution can rival this kind of ready availability.

3. You get to enjoy live training sessions, too.

If you’re craving for more interaction with your personal trainer, know that most companies like Iron Orr Fitness also offer live training classes. It’s equally important to develop a sense of social connection with your personal trainer, after all, all the more so in these times when we are, in more ways than one, kept apart from one another. 

Of course, an added benefit of live classes is that you get to ask questions to your trainer and be corrected immediately if you are doing something incorrectly. This way, you also won’t suffer from too much information overload, which is often the case if you will opt for pre-recorded workouts. 

The latter is not without its advantages, though, one of which is that they’re often more recommended for people who are not comfortable with being watched while they’re training. At the end of the day, most virtual fitness classes are versatile and comprehensive enough to cover everyone’s fitness needs and preferences.

4. Live virtual fitness classes can give you that much-needed healthy distraction from anxiety and worries.

Taking part in any activity that gets your blood pumping and overall health boosted is a no-brainer. But what’s equally important to highlight is that these activities also serve as a great outlet for us to keep our mental health in the green.

We are being bombarded enough already by a lot of negativity in the news and other media platforms. This makes it all the more necessary to look for such activities that will get your physical and mental faculties involved. 

You can always choose to opt for yoga or meditation classes, for example, if you want activities that will truly focus on helping you relax and keep your anxiety from getting the better of you.

Long-term stress is never a good thing to expose yourself to as it will definitely begin to manifest physical symptoms before long. By actively performing activities that help you handle it easier, you’ll be safeguarding yourself from its effects – all the more so once you begin to master them.

5. You’ll be supporting businesses as much as you’ll be enriching your well-being. 

During this very trying time, it’s vital for everyone to help each other to keep the local and global economy alive. If it happens that your local gym has started offering online classes, then availing of them will certainly be a good show of direct support for them.

What’s important is for cash flow to continue and taking part in virtual fitness classes is just one great way for you to do this. 

Many people have been affected financially by this pandemic. It probably won’t even be a surprise if a lot of the instructors you meet in the fitness company you chose will say the same. It goes without saying that they’ll be very grateful for lending them a hand in times of struggle. 


We hope that you found these reasons as compelling enough to start availing of virtual fitness classes while you are consistently at home.

Virtual fitness classes are often cheaper and don’t really require you to make many adjustments in your day-to-day schedule just to incorporate them. More importantly, they’re just as effective as face-to-face training sessions.