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For football fans, Super Bowl Sunday is the most anticipated spectacle of the year. The day that grown men wake up before the sun rises to prep their grill for the day’s work ahead. A party centered around a single game that has been built up and anticipated for weeks. An event where people throw their diets out the window, forget about their new year’s resolutions, and stuff themselves with lots of food and drinks. For some, Super Bowl Sunday is the day that they fall off the horse. Homeostasis kicks in and we realize how comfortable it is to eat and drink and sit on a couch.

According to a recent study by LetsGetChecked the average American eats 11,000 calories and 19 different foods on Super Bowl Sunday! That is 4 times the recommended caloric intake! Fear not! This year you do not need feel guilty about overindulging. Here are 5 healthy Super Bowl snacks you can feel good about eating during the big game.

1. Healthy Loaded Sweet Potato Rounds



I love potato’s and carbs and when I first discovered the sweet potato, I was in awe because it actually tastes delicious and is healthier for you than your regular Idaho potato. You are telling me there is a healthy, tasty potato? Yes! Utilize them! These sweet potato rounds are fast and easy to make and a party favorite. You can make them in large batches, which takes a lot of stress off your prep for game day. These things are like bruschetta but with a sweet potato. Not only do these small things make a great appetizer, you can eat them as a main dish as well. Find the full recipe here.

Healthy Loaded Sweet Potato Rounds

2. Lemon Pepper Chicken Kebobs


The combination of lemon, pepper, and chicken has been a staple in the chicken community for ages. The sour taste of the lemon mixed with the savory chicken is too good to pass up. Kebabs are also the perfect idea for when the grill gets broken out and you have many guests to feed. Chicken is a lean meat, so you don’t need to be conscious about the fat you get from beef and the vegetables that compliment are healthy and taste delicious grilled. Lastly, kebobs are the of the most fun dishes to eat. Who doesn’t like biting into a giant stick of delicious meat? You can find the full recipe here.

Healthy Lemon Pepper Chicken Kebobs

3. Lightened-Up Asian Chicken Sliders


Just like the chicken kebob, these lightened-up turkey sliders substitute the fatty beef for leaner meat. In this case it’s turkey. Who says turkey is only meant for Thanksgiving? This snack is loaded with fresh veggies and protein with an Asian kick. These are perfect for a big hungry crowd and you are able to at these in abundance since they are very healthy! If you want to check out the full recipe, you can find it here.

Lightened-Up Asian Chicken Sliders

4. Healthy Buffalo Chicken Dip


I recently came across a chart that described each states favorite Super Bowl snack and California’s was buffalo chicken dip. I was a little shocked. Not because I don’t like buffalo chicken dip, but was tacos really not the right answer While this snack isn’t the healthiest on our list, you can still make it as healthy as possible by using low-fat sour cream and low-fat cream cheese. This snack is perfect for scooping with a fresh vegetable such as celery or carrots. Indulge and enjoy! Find the recipe here.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

5. Healthy Peanut Butter Cheescake Dip


If you thought I would leave dessert of this list because all dessert is unhealthy you are wrong! Desserts can be very unhealthy, but if done right can pack many antioxidants from berries and chocolate that is actually good for you. This light, chocolatey, peanut buttery dip is perfect when served with fruit and will have your friends at the party skipping the main course and heading straight for dessert! Get your peanut butter chocolate party on here.

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