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Got Stress?

A Better Question: “What is Your Stress Level?”

With everything going on in the world, the stress hormone, cortisol, could easily be at high levels in your system.  The problem with cortisol is that when your body is on high alert for too long (most likely, you are not being chased by a lion 24/7), high cortisol levels lead to a number of potentially dangerous health problems, including:

  • Weight Gain
  • Low Energy and Drive
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Headaches
  • Heart disease
  • Memory and concentration problems
  • GI Issues
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Decreased Sex Drive

What is Cortisol?

First, let’s see what cortisol is. Cortisol is a stress hormone; it plays an important role when it comes to stress levels in the body.
It’s best known for helping trigger your body’s instinctive “fight-or-flight” response in a crisis, but cortisol also plays an important role in a number of things your body does. For example, it:

  • Manages how your body uses carbohydrates, fats, and proteins
  • Keeps inflammation down
  • Regulates your blood pressure
  • Increases your blood sugar (glucose)
  • Controls your sleep/wake cycle
  • Boosts energy so you can handle stress and restores balance afterward

How to determine if your cortisol levels are high?

How to Decrease Cortisol Levels Naturally?

There are many ways you can decrease cortisol levels naturally. Below are a few ways to decrease cortisol levels.  If you need more help organizing your diet and creating a healthy routine, we have Personal Trainers San Diego with Bachelor of Science in Diet & Nutrition on staff ready to help you. Click here and ask for diet help!

  • Sleep
    • Create a consistent bedtime routine
    • No screen time 30 min before bed
    • Meditate yourself to sleep
  • Recognize stressful thoughts
    • Recognize the stressful thoughts as unwanted and pull yourself out (removed rest of it more emphasis on exercise)
  • Exercising can also help…and we know a little bit about that
  • Diet (click here to get personalized diet guidance)
  • Meditation, mindfulness, and even simple breathing exercises can help a person deal with stress more effectively.
  • Laugh and find JOY!
  • Seek healthy relationships with people…distance yourself from toxic people (even if it’s family, you can love from a distance)

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