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So you are working hard in some of the best gyms in San Diego to lose the fat, but it’s been a month and there is not even the slightest reduction in inches and weight. This is a common problem with a lot of people; their bodies are not burning calories due to poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles – and lack of muscle! But do you know, you can control the speed of your metabolism by doing strength training? From getting more sleep, eating healthy, AND introducing strength training into your fitness routine,, you can quickly stoke your metabolism fire and get back on track. Today in this article, we are going to show you how you can use effective strength training to boost your metabolism.


One of the first things you need to do is increase the muscle mass on your body. You can start by using the weight machines in the gym; they are easy to use. In addition to this, you can perform specific calisthenics such as push-ups and abdominal crunches based on your level of fitness. According to one famous personal trainer in San Diego, “when you are building up your strength and increasing your muscle, you are burning fat too!”

Please keep in mind that machines and calisthenics are a good start, but you will need guidance when you progress to strength training; especially if you are going to increase muscle mass and stoke your metabolism! Proper form and technique, exercise programming, and diet and nutrition are well-known ways some of the best San Diego gyms and personal trainers in San Diego teach their clients.

According to our research and personal trainer in San Diego, you should be doing weight lifting at least three times a week with a trainer and 1-2’xs a week on your own. Weight training 4-5x’s a week will give you the 16-20 strength training workouts a month that you need to gain muscle and burn fat..


Some of the best San Diego Fitness gyms will make you work on your posture first before giving you any weight. This will help you align your body correctly and learn how to engage your postural muscles when weight is eventually added.. In addition to this, if you are not working with proper posture, you can easily get injured! Focus on Time Under Tension (TUT) principle which accentuates the time you flex and extend your muscles during sets while keeping your posture aligned.


We are more powerful than we think we are, and that’s a true statement for our body too. When you are working on increasing strength, you should slowly increase the weight and the resistance. The weight differs with the type of exercise you are doing. Make sure you are lifting the amount of weight that is appropriate with the targeted muscle groups you are doing. In case you are not able to do the last two reps, you need to consider lowering the weight.

After some time, when your body gets used to the weight, you need to increase the weight by roughly 3 to 5 kgs for your arms and 5 to 8 kgs for your leg workouts. Or, if you are not comfortable in adding weight, then increase the repetitions +3 reps. 


The personal trainers in San Diego gyms always ask their clients to be consistent when they are working on the major muscles of their bodies. Thus, in your training, you need to have a weightlifting session at least 3 times a week with a trainer.

The San Diego personal trainer gives their clients a choice of doing a full-body strength workout two to three times a week or break the strength exercise into upper and lower body components. If you go with the latter option, make sure you are performing each component the same: 2-3x’s a week. 


When you work on strength training, your muscles will have tiny tears in them. Don’t worry about this as it is not harmful, but essential for your muscles to grow stronger. When a muscle is broken down, it will heal itself after some time. Once you are done with strength training for a particular muscle, give it at least 48 hours of recovery time; you should not perform the same exercise for at least 48 hours.


Some of the best gyms in San Diego such as Iron Orr Fitness pay good attention to how you breathe when you are strength training. Your tempo is equally crucial, as it helps you stay in control of your reps and doesn’t compromise your strength gains. When you are working against the resistance of the machine, bar, or using dumbbells,, exhale when you push. Keep the breathing cycle running throughout the entire set, as it will give your body the oxygen it needs to lift the weight. 


When people are looking to increase their metabolism, they need to work on their strength and build muscle. Thus, an individual needs to work on her muscles and grow them because, with more muscle, they will be able to perform longer and more intense workout sessions. That will further increase the burned calorie count in a short time.

Wrapping Up

These are the seven incredible methods and tips which one needs to follow when they are thinking about having effective strength training to enhance their metabolism. Once the metabolism engine is revved up, you will start to see the change in your body. Let us know if you have any further questions at info@ironorrfitness.com. Thank you!

What is to be done when one finally decides to follow through with that new year’s resolution of reaching a certain body-oriented goal? Or when they finally muster up the courage to decide that it is high time they focused on themselves instead of prioritizing other mundane errands?

They decide to get into a work-out routine and start physical training. While prioritizing physical fitness and wellness is rapidly becoming a rage and being normalized amongst folks, there are still techniques and routines they are doing incorrectly. This may result in doing more wrong than good to their bodies. Elite Certified Personal Trainers in San Diego are here to save individuals from this predicament and to rightfully guide their work-out and techniques.


Just simply heading into the gym with the mindset to vigorously work-out with the many versatile arrays of equipment present there is not the right way and will not guarantee any beneficial results for your efforts. The concept of having a personal trainer comes into play here. Personal trainers help you set goals and reach them by guiding you through work-out routines that have the potential to guarantee effective results.
Given below are five strong reasons telling you why you need a personal trainer:


A lot of people mistake the idea of a work-out at the gym to mean lifting and working with heavyweights and vigorous training sessions and end up with totally avoidable and reckless injuries. This is most definitely not the case and these injuries will be the least of one’s concerns if they were to train under the guidance of a personal trainer.

The personal trainers there offer you their elite expertise and guidance that help you work-out with the right equipment in the correct technique and in the correct order and routine. The proper scrutiny of the personal trainer under which you perform will help you avoid unnecessary injuries and save you from days of pain and cramps.


There are different people with different goals who have different body types. A generic or already laid out plan offered by gym packages will not be as effective and your efforts may end up in vain.

Whether it is your need to shed pounds or to gain weight and mass. Be it to help build your physique/figure or to train you for a certain sports activity or even to help you recover from a certain surgery. Whatever your goal and requirement may be, personal trainers are the key to achieve effective results under the right methods and regular sessions.

Personal Trainers in San Diego are a dedicated force that works relentlessly alongside you to help you attain whatever goals you have set for yourself and customize the entire session and work-out routine solely based on your goals and lifestyle.

Their personal trainers treat you with an exceptional sense of uniqueness that helps you work-out in a way that is not only most suitable for you but also the most effective and result ensuring.


Many a time, it is seen that the initial zeal and ardor with which you started the sessions to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself is starting to dim down and you are lacking or getting lazy towards the endgame. But if you have a personal trainer who is holding you accountable and is waiting on you to do your end of the effort, it is very difficult to slack around the sessions.

Consider yourself training under the guidance of an Iron Orr Fitness Personal Trainer San Diego, you may want to skip the session or laze around the weekend but your accountability towards your personal trainer will prevent you from doing any of that and will largely benefit your goal. They are there to motivate you through this phase and encourage you to do better every step of the way.


There is this most common misconception that surrounds the idea of hiring a personal trainer that they are irrationally expensive. This is quite untrue and misguided. Everyone is different and everyone has a different body and lifestyle to work around with. Having a personal trainer ensures you are undertaking the right steps towards your fitness and body goals whatever they may be.

If one is to simply purchase a gym membership with an already laid-out blanket routine that is generic and does not cater to your personal goals, there is little to no guarantee ensuring that you will acquire the desired transformation results when the package term ends. Hence, your hard-earned money continues to be spent on ineffective sources.

San Diego Personal Trainers are elitist trainers with many awards and recognitions under their belts. They customize your sessions based on your personal lifestyle and unique body requirements that guarantee effective results ensuring that the package you paid for does not go in vain when the term ends. You will be able to see visible results and progress throughout the gradual process of your fitness training.


Just like in every other field you entrust the professionals to do the needful with the right efforts on your part, trust the personal trainers similarly to do what they have been assigned to do with the right input and continual efforts on your part. Trust the process and work according to the work-out plan laid out by your trainer you will most definitely see visible results.

With the fast-paced lives that we are leading there is quite a long list of priorities that need special attention and effort but for more than some, fitness and physical wellness seem to not make the cut in this list. It is imperative that people include fitness into their lifestyles even if it is for a very short part of the day. It will help you gain a better version of yourself in terms of appearance as well as help you build up your confidence to conquer anything and everything that comes your way.