HIIT Workout That You Can Do on Your Own

A HIIT Workout That You Can Do on Your Own

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

What is the off-day workout you can do on your own, doesn’t take a lot of time, and will burn calories fast? HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), is a form of interval training alternating between short periods of intense anaerobic exercise and short recovery periods.


  1. Burns a lot of calories in a short period of time
  2. Heightens your metabolic rate
  3. Helps lose fat
  4. Can improve oxygen consumption


Warm up:

• 5 min walk

• 5 min jog

Phase 1 (5-10 min… choose your effort level)

• 15 seconds on …15 seconds off (sprint pace)

• Or 20 seconds on … 10 seconds off (sprint pace)

• Choose either phase 2 or 3… or do both if you’re really looking to burn

Phase 2: Choose 5 exercises… 2-3 sets

• Planks (1 min on.. 1 min off)

• Russian Twists (30 seconds on … 15 seconds off)

• Leg raises (20 reps)

• Cockroaches (20 reps)

• Supermans (10-20 reps)

• Mountain Climbers (30 seconds on…30 seconds off)

• Inchworms (5-10 reps)

Phase 3: Choose 5… 2-3 sets

• Burpees (1 min on… 1 min off)

• Push-ups (30 seconds on… 15 seconds off)

• Mountain Climbers (30 sec on… 30 sec off)

• Squat jumps (20 reps) *

• Skaters (30 sec on … 30 sec off)

• Reverse lunges (15 each leg) *

• Side lunges (10 each leg) *

• Donkey kicks (10 reps)

*option to add weight

*KEEP IN MIND* you can add more strength exercises or sub running based cardio for a bike.. This workout was made specifically for those who don’t have access to equipment.

These workouts are great to do on your own, however, every workout program should begin with professional guidance. The best HITT workout results coincide with professional 1:1 training during the week to dial in exactly what your body needs workout-wise and nutrition based. We are experts at creating a personalized workout based on your body type, and a tailored nutrition plan. 

For more information about personal training, click here.

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