A perfect style for the working professional

Circuit Training: A perfect style for the working professional

A perfect style for the working professional

For all the busy people out there with no time for the gym, this blog is for you! I know it seems daunting to think about working out for hours, using unfamiliar equipment, and trying to plan the perfect workout. However, it does not need to be that complicated nor time-consuming to get up and sweat. All it takes is 30 minutes to get into awesome shape and start seeing results now! The secret to this quick and efficient workout is something called Circuit Training.

  • 1. What is Circuit Training?
  • 2. What are the Benefits of Circuit Training?
  • 3. How Do I Get Started with Circuit Training?
  • 4. Do Don\’s Upper Body Circuit Workout!

What is Circuit Training?

Circuit Training is the ultimate collaboration of strength and endurance for your workout. It combines simple exercises to target specific muscle groups with no rest in between. In essence, all you need to do is choose your exercises, gather your equipment, and jump right in! The most amazing aspect of Circuit Training is the fact that you can build yourself the perfect routine:

Just starting out?

Great! Focus on body weight exercises to get yourself used to working out.

Want to build muscle?

Perfect! Make sure you target higher weights with less reps, that way you can build muscle and get a cardiovascular workout!

Want to lose weight?

Awesome, focus on a lot of cardiovascular movement and less weights to get yourself burning calories and sweating!

Want to turn into a penguin?

Very cool, but as of now I don’t think Circuit Training can help with that…. I do love penguins though.

What are the Benefits of Circuit Training?

The beauty of Circuit Training is that is has unlimited possibilities for you to explore. You can combine any type of exercise into your Circuit to target the body part you want to focus on. Not only does this prevent you from getting bored, but it also allows you to combine strengthen and endurance to give you maximum results. These Circuit workouts typically only last for about 30 minutes as well, so time will never be an issue when trying to plan your week at the gym!

How Do I Get Started with Circuit Training?

Although it may seem daunting to get into, Circuit Training is one of the easiest styles to start with! The only items you need to get started with your workout are :

  • A timer
  • A written plan for your workout
  • The proper equipment for your written plan
  • 30 minutes of your time

Once you have all the necessary materials, it is time to get into the planning. Here, you can customize your routine to focus on upper body, lower body, core, conditioning, and flexibility. Personally, I like to target a specific area, such as upper body, to isolate my workout in that area. Once you decide what area(s) you want to focus on, it is time to choose the exercises. The beauty of Circuit Training is that you can choose the exercises you like! These exercises can be on a machine, with dumbbells, with kettlebells, or with no weight at all. For the sake of simplifying, I will share with you a common upper body Circuit workout that I use on a weekly basis!

Upper Body Circuit

Mouse Over or Tap On Each Image for Animations!

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds (choose whichever weight allows you to go for 30 seconds), and rest 10 seconds after completion

1. Cable Machine Bicep Curl

2. Chin-Ups

3. Dips

4. Cable Machine Tricep Pulldown

5. Dumbbell Shoulder Press

6. Forward & Lateral Two Way Raise

7. Kettlebell Single Arm Row (Switch arms at 15 seconds)

8. Pull-Ups

9. Planks (Regular, Left, and Right – hold each for 30s before going to the next)

10. Jump Rope

At the end of the first round, rest 1 minute. Do 3 rounds total

This is a super workout that gets your upper body, core, and overall conditioning in under 30 minutes! I love this style because I am constantly trying to maximize my time in the gym and be efficient. I KNOW if you are reading this, you are the same way as I am. You want to get in and out of the gym — and you want to leave sweating. That is why this style is perfect for your goals. Go ahead and give this style a try on your next visit to the gym. You will be so happy that you did and never want to go back to anything else.

If you have any questions or would like an introduction to this style of training, please check out our Complimentary Consultation at Iron Orr Fitness. We can explain Circuit Training in more detail and get you in awesome shape in less than 30 minutes a day!!!!!. Discover how incorporating circuit training can enhance your fitness routine and support your muscle gain goals. Elevate your fitness experience at Iron Orr Fitness, recognized as one of the Best Gyms in San Diego.

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