Mark Lambson


  • Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies – Arizona State University
  • ASU Concentrations in Exercise & Wellness and Sociology
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • ASU Baseball Four-Time Letter Winner
  • Professional Baseball and Motocross Rider Trainer


  • Hiking
  • Taking His Dog to the Beach
  • Playing Video Games
  • Surfing
  • Mental Coaching and Mindset Training


I am a huge believer in focusing not only on physical health, but mental health as well.

Being healthy and injury free is crucial to completing work-out plans, reaching fitness goals, and enjoying everyday life. I make sure my clients know proper lifting techniques, pre- and post-workout stretches and exercises, and proper nutrition to ensure they stay injury free. I also talk to my clients about healthy mental habits and thoughts to help maximize their training potential. If you’re injured physically or in a bad state mentally, it doesn’t matter how strong or conditioned you are, you will never be able to maximize your training potential and reach your fitness goals. With the right mindset however, you can set yourself up to accomplish anything both in the gym and in life.

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Videos by Mark

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