Don Cherry


  • Bachelor’s in Finance – Villanova University
  • 2x Academic All-American
  • ERO Certified Personal Trainer
  • Philadelphia Eagles (2016/2017) – NFL Linebacker


  • Dogs
  • Lying in Hammocks
  • Eating Pretzels
  • Ridin’
  • Surfing
  • Video Games
  • Collecting In-Flight Sick Bags


Tap The Rock

Back in a time before electricity and power, it was a Stone-cutter’s job to break down rocks and stones that caused obstacles. They did this by assembling a hand made hammer and tapping on the rock over and over. These Stone-cutter’s would spend years tapping these rocks until they finally broke.

And it was never the last tap on the rock that caused it to break, it was all the thousands that went before.

My tapping started in 5th grade when I weighed 180lbs and made the commitment to change my life. After losing over 56 lbs in one summer, I was able to sign up for football and play for the first time ever. Flash forward almost 11 years, and that commitment has led me a 2x All American career at Villanova, as well as a 2 year career with the Philadelphia Eagles. And it was not my dream coming true that broke that stone, it was all the hard work and commitment I put in for 11 years.

My mission as your personal trainer is to help you make that first strike in the stone, and coach you every step of the way through the last strike. Let’s find out how to start your journey and fight through any obstacle life presents you!

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