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Voted Best Personal Trainers in San Diego 2018!

Paul Inga,  Best Strength Building Personal Trainer

Paul Inga

Paul Inga

2 Posts | 7 Videos

Chelsey Bettinson, San Diego and La Jolla Female Personal Trainer

If there’s an issue hindering correct movement, Chelsey has an exercise to fix it! When she’s not pushing her clients to new limits, this ice cream connoisseur can be found rollerblading on the boardwalk or taking selfies at the zoo with the baboons & hippos. Never one to waste time just sitting around, she has a couple volleyballs in the back of her car, always ready for a pickup game at the beach.

Chelsey Bettinson

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Mark Lambson, La Jolla and San Diego Personal Trainer

As a student of the revered Obi Wan, Mark Lambson is trained in the arts of mind control. You can find Mark practicing his art in and out of the gym, from reaching diamond rank in overwatch, to long walks on the beach…with his dog Louie. From his early morning coffee, to training his clients, or even in the middle of intense balancing exercises, he’s always 100% focused on what he does. So next time you get rekd in Overwatch by Strika Bob…you’ll know you probably just got mind controlled.

Mark Lambson

2 Posts | 9+ Videos

Brett Wheeless, Strong Male Personal Trainer in San Diego and La Jolla

Brett loves all things outdoors. When not training at the gym, Brett can be found running around at the dog beach with a tennis ball in his hand trying to make new furry friends. If his passion for fitness doesn’t blow you away, his self-proclaimed “spectacular” line-dancing moves sure will. If Brett was a pair of cargo pants, he would say: “I’ll hold your stuff, you just worry about making friends.”

Brett Wheeless

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Matthew Vanni, UC San Diego Personal Trainer

Matthew is a master of movement. From moving as efficiently as possible, to preventing injury, increasing body awareness, and to walk, run, hike, surf, sleep, & live life better - if you have to move to do it, Matthew has probably obsessed over the mechanics of it! In his free time you may spot him hiking and camping all across California, plopped on the couch playing videogames, or watching youtube videos about powerlifting and his side-passion, nutrition.

Matthew Vanni

2 Posts | 8 Videos

KD Marini, San Diego Personal Trainer & Bodybuilder

KD Marini

KD Marini

1 Post

Galen Thorne, Strength, Conditioning, Yoga Coach

Galen Thorne

Galen Thorne

Mark Dominice, Trainer at Iron Orr Fitness

Mark Dominice

Mark Dominice

Brianna White, San Diego and La Jolla Female Personal Trainer

Doncha Know...Brianna is from Canada! With a nutritional background, and collegiate Lacrosse & Volleyball under her belt, Brianna is a great new addition to our team

Brianna White

1 Post

Justin Orr, Owner of Iron Orr Fitness

Justin Orr

Justin Orr

2 Videos

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