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Every week we recognize the results of a featured client!

Client of the Week, 6/1/19: Nick Y

Ready to see something seriously impressive? Check out our latest Client of the Week, Nick! This guy is strong💪 Since August, he went from having never worked out to having: ✓ GAINED 26LBS LEAN MUSCLE📈 ✓ BENCH PR: 195x2💪 ✓ SQUAT PR: 245x1🏋️‍♂️ ✓ 45lb weighted dips |...

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Client of the Week, 5/18/19: Mashael & Shuaa

We're stoked to present this 👉Terrific Twosome👈 as our Clients of the Week!! Mashael and Shuaa have been crushing it together since March, and have: ✓ LOST: 9LBS (Mashael) | 10LBS (Shuaa)↘️↘️ ✓ DOWN: 4% bodyfat (Mashael) | 3% bodyfat (Shuaa)↘️↘️ ✓ Mashael is UP 1.5LBS...

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Client of the Week, 4/27/19: Josh T.

Just how much can you achieve in only 3 months? Take it from Our Client of the Week, Josh! Since January 16 he has: ✓ LOST 9LBS OF FAT ✓ GAINED 3.3LBS MUSCLE ✓ and LOWERED BODYFAT BY 6%! That's seriously impressive! Hear what his trainer Matthew has to say💬 "Josh has...

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