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Abs After Baby

Abs After Baby

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful things a woman can experience, and sometimes it comes with a little sacrifice. We sacrifice our body for our bundle of joy, but this should not keep us from staying healthy and getting our body (and abs) back! When I had my...

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The Art of the Warm Up

The Art of the Warm Up

One of the most critical parts of your success in the gym happens before you even pick up a weight. The “warm up” is an age old debate that has been around since Arnold Schwarzenegger was a baby, so why are people still unclear of the benefits? Why is warming up...

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Every week we recognize the results of a featured client!

Client of the Week, 3/23/19: Lucas B.

🗝Consistency is the key that has unlocked the Client of the Week title for Lucas! He stuck to the program and over the last 3 months has seen awesome results: ✓ LOST 10 POUNDS ✓ REDUCED LOW BACK PAIN ✓ increased shoulder & thoracic mobility ✓ and improved flexibility,...

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Client of the Week, 3/16/19: Robert B.

This guy is relentless! We'd like to give a huge congratulations to our 👏Client of the Week, Robert👏 Even while pursuing a graduate degree in law, Robert still finds time to come into the gym, and it's paying off. Since October, Robert has: ✓ LOST 7LBS ✓ DOWN 2%...

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Client of the Week, 3/9/19: Nitin N.

Training is about more than just losing some weight or building some muscle! Our client of the week Nitin expresses these non-scalar results in spades!♠♠ In just 5 weeks Nitin has not only gained 3.1lbs of muscle and lost 3.2% bodyfat, but also his: ✓ CLOTHING FITS...

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Is it Time for a Personal Trainer?

Lock in your ideal schedule with your ideal trainer now! Our consultation is the perfect opportunity for you to find your best fit. Valued at over $100, you will get:

  • Body composition reading
  • Goal setting
  • 15-20min Fitness Assessment

AND most importantly, we listen to your needs and concerns! Let’s start your fitness transformation today!

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