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Client of the Week, 2/11/19: Snigdha K

Congrats, Snigdha! You're our client of the week and we couldn't be more proud! While working around her busy schedule as a UC San Diego Project Manager🔱, over the last 3 months she has: ✓ LOST 2.4% BODYFAT ✓ GAINED 3.5LBS OF MUSCLE ✓ and is now totally immersed into...

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Client of the Week, 2/4/19: Prasanth G

Now introducing our amazing client of the week, Prasanth! Prasanth is committed to his health and fitness, and the results are coming fast because of it🏎🏎🏎 In just 7 week he has: ✓ LOST 7LBS OF FAT ✓ INCREASED CORE STRENGTH ✓ MORE MOBILITY ✓ and increased squat by...

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Client of the Week, 1/28/19: Balaji R.

We're proud to announce our latest Client of the Week Balaji, who shows that there's no better time than now to start a fitness program! In just 1 month, you can see and feel serious results just like Balaji: ✓ LOST 3.3LBS OF FAT🔰🔰🔰 ✓ LESS KNEE PAIN🔓 ✓ better mobility...

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Client of the Week, 1/21/19: Lihao H.

These results are ridiculous!! 🙌 Check out our latest Client of the Week, LiHao. Over a steady and consistent 9 months, LiHao has: ✓ 🔻LOST 28LBS!🔻 ✓ SQUAT PR: 275x4🏋️‍♂️ ✓ BENCH PR: 165x4💪 ✓ and can do a 1-minute plank with 45lbs on his back! Consistency is key!🔑...

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Client of the Week, 1/16/19: Prajwal & Smruthi

📣Now announcing📣 this Terrific Twosome as our Client of the Week! We're excited to have introduced Prajwal and Smruthi to the fitness world and show them that it's not that bad, but is actually a lot of fun! ✓ Smruthi learned to correctly squat and bench press! ✓...

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Client of the Week, 1/07/19: Matt C.

Take a look at this CHAMP!🏆 The latest Iron Orr Fitness Client of the Week Matt has: ✓ LOST 12LBS OF FAT ✓ GONE DOWN 2 SHIRT SIZES👕 ✓ LOST 4 INCHES FROM HIS WAIST👖 ✓ in just 3 months! 2019 is Matt’s YEAR! Keep your eyes out on even more awesome results to come💪 💬From...

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Client of the Week, 1/02/19: Hyunbin Y.

🎆Our 1st Client of the Week in 2019 has been awarded, and his results are HUGE!!🎆 In just 3 months of training with Matthew, Hyunbin has: ✓ LOST 7LBS OF FAT ✓ GAINED 3.6LS OF MUSCLE💪 ✓ LOST 6% BODYFAT👏 ✓ and is relieving knee pain and a tight neck! Hyunbin kept the...

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Client of the Week, 12/17/18: Paris Z.

🥁Drumroll please…🥁 Client of the Week goes to… Paris! In only two months, Paris has: ✓ LOST 5LBS OF FAT ✓ DOWN 1.3% BODYFAT ✓ STRONGER CORE💪 ✓ endurance at an all time high!⛰ Words from her personal trainer Tess: "Paris comes to every workout with a smile on her face...

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Client of the Week, 12/10/18: David G.

📣A big shout out to our client of the week, David!📣 David came to us wanting to prepare for police and military academy, and in just 6 weeks he has: ✓ LOST 10LBS FAT ✓ DOWN 4% BODYFAT ✓ can now do 6 pull-ups (previously 0!) ✓ and has more endurance than ever...

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