Paige Breon

with Mark Dominice

Training with – Mark Dominice, CPT Paige wanted to look her best for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model audition that she was going to but only had 5 weeks to prepare. Her training consisted of two 60 minute interval resistance routines plus 1 hour of kickboxing once per week. Her diet was extremely planned and structured according to her specific and short timeline. She lost 10 lbs. and 7.6% body fat. She aced the audition!

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model – Paige Breon SAN DIEGO/OC friends: Are you looking to get in the best shape of your life? Sure your body looks good, but does it look GREAT?? Let trainer Mark Dominice help you get above and beyond your goal physique!! As a former gymnast, NFL Cheerleader for the San Diego Chargers, and a current professional model, dancer, and actress, my health is my number one priority. Mark showed me how to mix up my workouts, customizing each personal session so that no two were the same. His sports background combined with his expertise in fitness allowed him to design kickboxing, cardio, and free weight workouts that toned my body EXACTLY the way my career demands- long, lean, and evenly toned. He also implemented his knowledge of nutrition and designed a meal plan specific with times and portions for me! He helped me achieve the exact, ideal physique and weight I had been wanting and needing to excel in my career. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or just getting started on a workout routine, I suggest Mark Dominice as the trainer to strategically and professionally lead you down your path to success!

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