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Your online personal training package will include real-time workout sessions you can seamlessly access from the comfort and safety of your home, favorite devices, and best workout times.


The Difference You Can See


How will my trainer communicate with me?

Once you set up your account and download our app, your trainer will set up your initial video consultation to get to know you — and set up an individualized program…just for you! We’ll use our video calling feature within the app for your fitness consultation & assessment, and for video chats during the necessary “check-ins” to help you progress. We will also text you within the app; trainer texts and check-ins will help you consistently progress and answer any questions you may have along the way!

How is ONLINE Training Different than IN-PERSON Training?

The TOP 4 answers to this question are:

1. PRICE: the cost to meet a trainer and have them train you in-person at an agreed-upon time [at a physical facility] is exponentially more expensive. Our in-gym in-person training cost starts at $115 per hour.

2. LOCATION: You can be anywhere in the world and still train with Online Personal Training (OPT). If you want to go for a run on the beach…we can design a workout for you, if you want to go for a hike in the mountains…we can design a workout for you. If you want to use your own gym or a commercial gym nearby your location…we can design a workout for you. YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE…and we will meet you where you’re at and guide you to reach YOUR GOALS!

3. SAFETY: COVID-19 is changing everything, and ONLINE training is probably the safest way to get to your goal with expert guidance AND without the risk of exposure!

4. REAL EXPERTS, NOT A BOT: We are not computer bots and your program isn’t created by an algorithm. We are real experts with passion and experience for helping people like you. With online training, you’re getting a REAL TRAINER to help you where you’re at. We will get you to your goal!!

Aren’t all Personal Trainers the same?

No. Iron Orr Fitness Trainers are NASM (National Academy Sports Medicine) Certified, have years of elite athletic experience (football, volleyball, baseball, wrestling, soccer, softball, lacrosse, Olympic lifting, and track), as well as having college degrees. ALL OUR TRAINERS have been vetted through a 4-part Interview Process where we select only the finest Personal Trainers in the USA. This selection process translates into clients getting to their goals safely and effectively. This also means that our trainers actually know what it takes to get results. Our customer service is unparalleled, and our workout programming is the very best in the business! Because we care, and our trainers are absolute experts, you can feel confident that you’re in the best hands!

Can I spot reduce or lose weight in certain areas of my body?

You cannot spot reduce. The body is an interrelated unit that functions as a whole. However, through diet and strength & cardio training, our trainers can help you sculpt your body to fit that perfect vision of you — and reduce the areas that you want!! This is only possible because our trainers have the experience and expertise to individualize, create, and adjust specific diet/workout programs that are designed with your specific fitness goal in mind. Your RESULTS are our GOAL!

I run almost every day and cannot lose weight. Am I doing something wrong?

Running is a very good cardiovascular exercise that speeds up blood flow and can help burn calories — and even improve brain function. Unfortunately, cardio only speeds metabolism for a few hours and is incomplete when trying to “lose weight”. Bodyweight and resistance training build muscle that burns fat throughout the day — and at night while you sleep!! To get tone, lose serious body fat, or gain muscle, strength training, and nutritional changes are the chosen way of experts. With the guidance of our expert trainers, you will learn to incorporate efficient strength training workouts via bodyweight, bands, and (if you have them) dumbbells and free weights with a proper diet; this method has been proven to get RESULTS for 16 years and thousands of clients!

I’ve tried every diet on the market. How can I trust you to help me?

Changing habits is not easy…period. You need someone there to help you that cares, will guide you towards a better path, and has walked the walk and done it themselves. This time you’ll make it!! We have years of personal experience and diet-specific programs that monitor caloric intake vs. calories burned, our trainers have the expertise to guide you through your journey of changing your eating choices. And, your program will be suited for your needs and on a timeline that you can manage effectively. This is your final stop on your journey because we will do what it takes for you to succeed and finally make the changes that are necessary for you to reach your goal!

I’ve heard lifting weights can make women big and bulky. Is this true?

Unless you are a woman taking anabolic steroids, 99.9% of women do not have the hormones necessary to create “male/bulky” muscle. Most women who begin intense resistance training may see their arms grow larger at first. This is due to muscle being developed under the already existing layer of fat, which can lead to the misunderstanding that “my arms are getting huge!” However, with consistency and determination, along with the correct nutritional program designed by your trainer, you can eventually shed the unwanted fat and change your body composition so that your arms will look like they never have before: lead, toned and beautifully shaped!!

How soon can I expect weight loss?

If you consistently put in the work and communicate with your trainer (and vice versa), you should start to see results within two weeks — and within your first month, you can see changes in lean muscle gain and fat loss. Over the past 16 years, our best clients have gained muscle and lost fat because they stuck with their prescribed program. Ex: a client gaining 5lbs of lean muscle and losing 5lbs of fat in the first month of working with us is not out of the ordinary. REMEMBER: The scale doesn’t see the major changes (+5, -5) that are happening, and only reflects the fact that your “weight has not changed”. The fact remains that the scale will eventually reflect all the work you’re doing. We will educate and coach you on these concepts & principles so that you can ultimately see weight loss on the scale as well. As we say, trust the process and communicate any questions or concerns with us along the way. Our goal is YOUR RESULTS and we’ve done this time and time again. TRUST THE PROCESS!!

How soon will I see results?

The more you put in, the more you will get out! No matter which goal you choose, you will get there faster with a trainer guiding you along the way. If you’re consistent, you should see noticeable results within the first month. Most of our clients (that are putting in the work) will see results in the first two weeks to a month!

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