How is ONLINE Training Different than IN-PERSON Training?

The TOP 4 answers to this question are:

  • 1. PRICE: the cost to meet a trainer and have them train you in-person at an agreed-upon time [at a physical facility] is exponentially more expensive. Our in-gym in-person training cost starts at $115 per hour.
  • 2. LOCATION: You can be anywhere in the world and still train with Online Personal Training (OPT). If you want to go for a run on the beach…we can design a workout for you, if you want to go for a hike in the mountains…we can design a workout for you. If you want to use your own gym or a commercial gym nearby your location…we can design a workout for you. YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE…and we will meet you where you’re at and guide you to reach YOUR GOALS!
  • 3. SAFETY: COVID-19 is changing everything, and ONLINE training is probably the safest way to get to your goal with expert guidance AND without the risk of exposure!
  • 4. REAL EXPERTS, NOT A BOT: We are not computer bots and your program isn’t created by an algorithm. We are real experts with passion and experience for helping people like you. With online training, you’re getting a REAL TRAINER to help you where you’re at. We will get you to your goal!!