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With pro-lacrosse workouts delivered online to your phone or computer

Work hard, train smart

This is your key to success.

Pro-level lacrosse workouts created by pro-level trainers.

Fulfill your dream for a D1 scholarship or professional career, with the Iron Orr Team to fuel your drive!

Lacrosse training programs for greater speed and strength
Strength is essential to being a top-performer in lacrosse

Develop strength

Build lean, powerful muscle. Overpower anything and anyone that gets in your way!

Unleash your speed

Out-run your opponents. Speed-specific training to build explosive speed.

building speed to run your fastest

Take Your Lacrosse Game to the Next Level

How you can prevent injuries with proper exercise training

Injury Prevention

You’re #1…until you get hurt. Preventative and Corrective exercises keep your body moving correctly – and built to withstand the high intensity of every game and practice.

The right mindset will help you win with a competitive advantage

Mental Game

It all starts from up top. Get your mind right, and everything else will follow. This is your secret sauce! You may have unlimited potentential, but without the right mindset you’ll never reach your your max.

San Diego Personal Trainers for your lacrosse training needs

Professional Trainers

Iron Orr Fitness has been a top-voted San Diego Personal Training business for 15 years and has recently been hired as the strength and conditioning coach for the San Diego Seals. We are the team to lead to you to your goals!

Eliminate the guess-work

With workouts modeled from the San Diego Seals, all that stands between you and D1/pro lacrosse is HOW HARD YOU’RE WILLING TO WORK!

online lacrosse workout programs for iPhone, android, and computer
Iron Orr Fitness training the San Diego Seals

Paul Inga, Iron Orr Fitness & Kyle Buchanan #91, San Diego Seals

Get motivated

To become your best, you’ve got to work hard.

Tap into the Iron Orr Culture – one that will motivate, engage, teach, and push you to become your best!

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How to Train Online

Lacrosse Training Online
create your online training account

1. Create your account

We email you a link to set up your account online. Then just answer a few questions about yourself so we can create the best program for you!

Get online lacrosse workouts from personal trainers in san diego

2. Workout plans delivered

We send you weekly workout plans directly to your phone or computer. Then do the workouts wherever you want, on your time!

talking with your personal trainer

3. Stay in contact

We talk with you about your program’s progress, and what we can do to improve on it. How frequently we talk depends on the package you chose!

Are you READY to be a TOP-PERFORMER in your lacrosse league?

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