Jong Chun

with Jessica Montenegro

His goals were to just get in shape and healthy without too much specification. He had had a trainer in the past so he expected to just get a good workout in and then show up the next time.

Often times, people have a hard time putting their goals into words and explain exactly what they really want. As a trainer, I pay attention to the little things that matter more than people think.

Every time Jong came into the gym, he would talk about how strong people in the gym were. He continued to notice how much other people were lifting etc. I decided that in addition to his other goals I definitely wanted him to get much stronger which is exactly what we have accomplished so far.

In a matter of just 2 short months Jong has lowered his body fat by 6% and gained 4lbs of muscle. He is definitely lifting much more than when we started and his performance has definitely improved. We are about 23 sessions into training and he comes in 2x a week.

I am so proud of him!

-Jessica Montenegro, CPT

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