The DNA of iOSports is rooted in the high level athletic experience of our team and our founder.  From the Olympic level to division 1 athletics and the professional level, our team applies science with experience!  Your iOSports Trainer workouts are available 24/7 with our Iron Orr App.  Allow your REAL iOSports Strength & Conditioning Coach to personally craft your workouts based on your personal weaknesses and strengths all at your fingertips or, *in-person (San Diego only).  Take your game to the next level, literally!

Iron Orr Lax

Iron Orr Lax is a division of iOSports dedicated to LACROSSE.  The foundation to this division is rooted in our experience with training the professional San Diego Seals as their Official Strength & Conditioning Coach.  With athletic optimization built on a foundation of injury prevention, we have opened this service to younger athletes as we believe that younger exposure to injury preventive skills will help build a longer and better performing athlete on the field!  We can accommodate online iOSports Strength & Conditioning Training via our Iron Orr App for teams or individuals, and we can Strength & Condition train local* (San Diego Area) club teams or individuals.  

Lasting Success!    






(Baseball & Softball)

iOSports is also partnered with Bat Club USA! We serve over 6,000 athletes optimizing their baseball and softball performance.  Again, the foundation to our methodology is injury preventive skills to be taught in daily routines.  Bottom line is that someone can be a phenomenal athlete, but if they get injured a coach is likely to offer a scholarship.  The most expensive athlete on a college or professional team is the athlete that is injured.  These injury preventive and maintenance skills will carry you into the next levels of your success.  Lasting Success!