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How to find if your cortisol levels are high

Got Stress?

How to find if your cortisol levels are high and, how to decrease those levels naturally.

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benefits of online fitness coach

Benefits of Hiring an Online Fitness Coach

If you have decided to hire an online fitness trainer to help you achieve your goals, how do you decide which one is best? You will probably have lots of questions and concerns, which are absolutely natural when venturing into something new and unknown. So what are some of the pros of choosing this path?

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online fitness class

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Virtual Fitness Classes During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic may have all gotten us stuck indoors but that certainly gives us no excuse to just let our fitness progress come to a stand-still. In fact, your fitness is very important now, more than ever.

So, no, you can’t just turn your back on your goals. Now is the time to look for ways for you to be able to continue your road to that chiseled body or, if not, maybe just an overall healthier and slimmer you. 

With that in mind, what could possibly be the best option for you, now that most of the gyms are closed or have severe limitations?

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online fitness instructor

How to 10x Your Fitness Goal with Certified Online Fitness Instructors

Achieving one’s fitness goals is easier said than done. And the way things are right now, particularly the lack of accessible gyms, only makes it a double-whammy for everyone. 

That said, it’s definitely high time for you to start looking for alternatives to ensure you will achieve them. No buts.
What’s good is that certified online personal trainers pretty much offer a ready solution to these challenges. It’s not so much about the benefit of being able to do things remotely as well.

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How Coronavirus Is Changing the Way of Exercise

The fitness industry, particularly gyms, was one of the first to close down when the coronavirus pandemic struck. Such a move has, more or less, dealt a blow on people’s motivation to exercise. How can you have the drive if there are no tools available or people you can work out with? As if people needed more alibis to not exercise, huh? 

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