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Tired of feeling restricted by holiday health and fitness tips? Maybe even the ones we have been writing about? We are here to loosen up with you for the holidays and lessen the restrictions! Let’s have some fun!

With all the parties, events, sugary treats and festive eats, this time of year can be difficult to stay on track with your health and fitness goals. I’m sure many of you are like “What should I do when I go to holiday parties?” and feeling worried about it messing up your fitness goals. All of us should indulge in some festive holiday cheer (it’s time to celebrate, after all!), but it’s important to be mindful of your food and drink choices and keep exercise as a top priority. Here are a few reasonably healthy tips (that you can do!) to guide you through the holiday season. Enjoy yourself, have fun, and still feel guilt-free the next day!

Get Plenty of Rest

This might get overlooked but getting a good night’s sleep before your party boosts your energy and your metabolism. A lack of sleep could result in overeating especially if you already feel tired. Not to mention the crash you will probably have afterwards. 

Don’t Starve Yourself!

Don’t skip meals!! It’s a common mistake to skip breakfast and lunch to so that we can have a huge dinner. This leads to overeating and can create feelings of guilt for eating so much at one time. Instead, eat a couple small healthy meals throughout your day to keep metabolism spiked before your big dinner. That way you’ll end up eating less than if you starved all day, while still enjoying the meal just as much! (and feeling less “hangry” throughout the day). Overeating can also lead to sleepiness and you will be spending the holidays laying on the couch rather than socializing with the family.

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Put the Cookie Down!

If you’re at a party with a big table of food, stand across the room away from the food table so you aren’t tempted to mindlessly snack while socializing. Then only go to the table of food when you consciously want some! (expert-tip: use small plates for both appetizers and main courses to mentally cut down on portion sizes).

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When it Comes to Getting Boozy, be Choosy!

If you don’t really love sugar cookies or eggnog, why are you drinking eggnog and eating cookies at the party?! Just because something is in front of you doesn’t mean you have to eat or drink it. Only have it if you truly like it! Also try to avoid high calorie/high sugar holiday cocktails. Instead, opt for a vodka soda or a glass of champagne with a few raspberries. (to turn it up a notch: switch up each alcoholic beverage with a glass of water to help mitigate a hangover the next day!)

Okay, so maybe you can’t hit the gym as hard as you’d like, or maybe you don’t even have access to a gym, no problem! Get in quick workout without any equipment by making your own circuit with 3-5 exercises. Too full to move around that much? Get in a 30-minute walk sometime during the day. You don’t even need to walk briskly, just get moving!

Get Elfed Up & Enjoy Yourself

This time of year is meant for parties, family, and fun. Indulge a little and enjoy your holidays! Just keep your goals in mind and stay on plan as best as you can. Don’t guilt yourself if you overeat or have a few too many cocktails, a little bit of indulgence every once and a while is good for the soul. Just keep moving forward towards a better and healthier you!


How will you follow these tips this holiday season? Give them a try and let us know how it goes! Start building momentum going into 2020 towards your healthiest, fittest, and happiest year ever.

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