REPEAT CLIENT OF THE WEEK!!!!  Smiley, an indomitable force!   Smiley is a C-Suite executive who has the stamina and fire to compete in the inferno of corporate America thanks to years of experience, and Justin keeping him healthy and pain free!  In just 1 months he has lost 3% body fat, and gained 4 lbs. of muscle! This is exactly why you want in a personal trainer.  Iron Orr Fitness has been keeping executives in shape and pain free for years!  After years of perfecting the system, every single one of our trainers are well equipped to take you to the next level of your career! WELL DONE, Smiley!

Many executives and high powered attorneys find it difficult to fit in fitness, but as they stay longer in the game they quickly realize fitness and a drug free way to get pain free is essential.  For a decade and a half, Iron Orr Fitness has established expertise in helping high performing people move and shake at their best!  Iron Orr Fitness is one of the area’s top notch Certified Personal Trainers in San Diego with incredible skills as a phenomenal Weight Loss Trainers!  We would be more than happy to help your quick journey of your better YOU!  No Memberships, Free Class & Free Parking for all of our Clients!  


  ✓ ⬇️ LOSING BODY FAT: -3🔥🏆


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