👏Three cheers for Harish, our Client of the Week!👏
He has been training for less than 4 months and has seen stellar results! Check it out:

  • ✓ LOST 3% BODYFAT🔻🔻🔻
  • ✓ LEG PRESS PR: 525×5 (4 months ago it was 115×5!)🏋️‍♂️

Harish’s work ethic and resolve are incredible! His trainer Don ran a cardio competition with all his clients, and Harish took 1st place!🥇 Since starting 4 months ago, Harish has cut his 250m row time in HALF, and has gone from a 30-second plank to a 1:57 plank with a 45lb plate on his back! Dang Harish, that’s impressive! With your determination you’re sure to continue seeing such awesome results!