We’re stoked to present this 👉Terrific Twosome👈 as our Clients of the Week!! Mashael and Shuaa have been crushing it together since March, and have:

  • ✓ LOST: 9LBS (Mashael) | 10LBS (Shuaa)↘️↘️
  • ✓ DOWN: 4% bodyfat (Mashael) | 3% bodyfat (Shuaa)↘️↘️
  • ✓ Mashael is UP 1.5LBS lean muscle💪
  • ✓ neither had lifted before, but now both doing 65lb squat rack!🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️

Hear from their trainer Chelsey💬: Mashael and Shuaa are extremely hard workers who are dedicated to their off-day workouts, maintaining their diet program, and seeing great results. They are so much fun and I am so proud of how hard they are working!