📣Now announcing📣 this Terrific Twosome as our Client of the Week! We’re excited to have introduced Prajwal and Smruthi to the fitness world and show them that it’s not that bad, but is actually a lot of fun!

  • ✓ Smruthi learned to correctly squat and bench press!
  • ✓ Prajwal can squat and deadlift bodyweight!
  • ✓ Gaining muscle and losing fat!💪

We’re grateful for the opportunity to lead Prajwal and Smruthi to a healthier, happier future through exercise and fitness!
A few words from their trainer Chelsey:💬
“Prajwal and Smruthi are very hard workers who push their limits! They come into the gym ready to get to work every day and I am extremely proud of them!” Partners who train together get results together!